Make Stickers With Your Instagram Photos

You love Instagram, be honest, but who doesn’t? You can hash tag with the best of them. Instagram has over 200 million active users at the time of this writing. 200 million people sharing their meals, vacations, pets, babies, selfies and more! With a growing worldwide community like that why wouldn’t we offer the ability to create stickers with your Instagram photos?

Our design online tool gives you the ability to select from a number of sticker sizes and shapes, and then easily add one of your Instagram photos to that sticker. It’s a super easy process. Follow these steps:

  • Choose your sticker shape and size then you will be directed into the design canvas.
  • On the left side of the canvas you will see an icon that says "Image" click it. 
  • Next, click on the Instagram tab at the top.
  • Log into your Instagram account, choose your photo, and drag the photo to the sticker canvas.

Here are some pictures to help you out.

make instagram stickers

After you are logged into your account, all your Instagram photos will load and you can simply drag and drop the ones you want on the design canvas. The tools on the left side will allow you to manipulate the size of the photo, rotate it, crop it, blur it and a bunch of other editing functions.

instagram stickers

Some of the best designs for party favors and birthday favors come from customers that have uploaded one of their Instagram photos and added a few simple lines of text. A few people have even taken it a step further and matched their Instagram sticker design with the same design on water bottle labels, wine labels and beer labels. It’s so easy to do, it’s cheap, and it adds a personal touch to any event or occasion.

Get creative with your sticker project and use your Instagram stickers in these five ways:

  1. If you own a business, snap photos of your products and create instagram stickers to label them.
  2. If you make homemade foods or canned goods, use Instagram circle stickers to apply to the tops of the jar lids so you can label what’s what.
  3. If you are planning a wedding, you can snap some quick shots of the bride and groom, Instagram them and then create wedding favors with custom stickers or water bottle labels.
  4. Throwing a birthday party for your kids? Instagram stickers are a great way to label the party favors, giveaway bags or add that extra personalized touch to the occasion.
  5. Gift tags can be made extra special with an Instagram photo. Use a small circle, rectangle or even square size sticker to create your own gift tags.


circle birthday stickers

When designing a custom sticker using Instagram photos let your imagination run wild. Go crazy with the filters, but remember, images on screen do generally appear a bit darker once printed. That’s why the best Instagram filters to use are Amaro, Rise and Sierra among others. Any filter that increases the exposure and contrast will print a bit brighter than using the Sutro filter, for example, that applies dramatic highlights, shadows and burned edges to your photos.

use instagram filters wisely on your stickers

Next Day Production On Instagram Stickers

Like all of our products we turn around an order printed from Instagram the next business day, if you create your design and finish the order before 1 p.m. PST. If you place your order after 1 p.m. PST it’s no problem the order will ship out within 2 business days. With that in mind, if you are looking to order something custom for a party, birthday, holiday, wedding or your business, go ahead and order away using your filtered photos. Just remember to choose the appropriate shipping method when you check out. Ground shipping is as low as $5.60 but can take up to 5 business days to arrive to you, although often times it’s much quicker. So go ahead and get started here and choose the shape and size you want. As a bonus you can now also design and order custom drink coasters with your Instagram images to match your stickers. How cool is that?

Email us at [email protected] or live chat with us in the bottom left corner of the screen here 5 days a week Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. PST if you have any questions.

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