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Custom Stickers

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High Quality, Photo Quality, Waterproof Stickers & Labels Printed Fast in Small Amounts.


Custom Stickers Are Versatile and Durable
Who doesn't love a good sticker? Custom stickers are one of the most popular and versatile choices for craft projects, party favors, food packaging and branding. The best part of making your own sticker with the photos, logos and clip art you love, is using our simple online design tools. If you can type your name, and we sincerely hope you can, you can make a sticker. Our custom stickers are durable and stick to pretty much anything. We've tested them on glass, plastic, paper, cars, helments, tools, phones, you name it. They're waterproof too, so use them to make bumper stickers, and food and beverage stickers without worry about the ink running since it's set into the material with commercial grade electrostatic ink.

Get Stickers in Different Shapes
Don't forget we have stickers in shapes like circles, ovals, squares and rectangles. For marketing, a circle or oval sticker is one of the most colorful and cost effective methods of getting your brand out there. It's a great way to make an instant impact. Upload your logo, add a slogan and you've created on the spot an ad for your business or product. As the creator of your own sticker you know you won't see another one like it anywhere. It's an original! Brides, you'll love the fact you can make a wedding stickers using your special wedding monogram and colors. Coordinate your wedding stickers so all your favors match. Get your wedding wine labels, water bottle labels and wedding stickers in one place using the same colors and font styles.

Order Short Run Stickers
Since we print short run stickers, go ahead and make several different versions of your sticker without the expense of ordering a huge amount of any one design at a time. You'll get your personalized stickers fast too. We ship within two business days.