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Shipping Wine Labels
Aug 19, 2018

All wine label orders ship out within 2 business days. Sometimes they ship the next business day depending upon when you order but plan for 2 business days. Your are presented with several shipping methods upon checkout and they are as follows: USPS  Economy (with tracking)   ...

West Coast Based Bottled Water Company
Oct 12, 2018

Shipping cases of bottled water presents a challenge from a cost perspective due to it being a heavy product. That's why if you're located on the West coast ordering from BottleYourBrand makes the most sense. We have a bottling facility located in central Oregon which means locations up and down ...

Extra Stickers And Labels Included In Every Order
Oct 15, 2018

We understand your need for small quantities of stickers and labels. If you are a home brewer, winemaker, party planner, bride planning her wedding or anyone else who's working on a smaller project, ordering 1,000 labels doesn't help you. We know that and that's why most of our minimum requiremen...

Placing a Reorder
Nov 12, 2018

Do you need to reorder your custom bottled water, wine labels or any other product you have ordered in the past? If so that's great, and we thank you for being a return customer! There are two ways to reorder: If you have an account with us then simply go to the bottom of the website, on the l...

Lost, Missing or Can't Find Your order?
Jan 12, 2019

If you are tracking your package and it says it's been "Delivered" first double check your mailbox, with your neighbors or anyone else that might pick up your mail. If you still can't find it and you're positive nobody has moved it or accepted it for you contact the carrier immediately. Here are ...

Estimating Shipping Charges
Apr 29, 2019

Another frequently asked question is "what are the shipping charges?". That's an especially popular question when it comes to the custom labeled bottled water. Bottled water is heavy, there is no way around it. To help you calculate what shipping will be so you can stick to your budget, you can ...

Modify or Changing an Order
May 5, 2019

Do you think you made a mistake on your order? Did you spell a name wrong or fat finger the keys when you typed an important date? Did you select blue instead of aqua? We're so fast that once your order is in place we start production as soon as possible. This means that WE CANNOT make any chan...

Product Pricing
May 5, 2019

To see pricing click on the design or product page. There will be a quantity drop down and in that drop down you will see the price of the specific product you are on as well as the quantities it is available in. Each product has different prices, and minimum order quantity requirements but all ...

How Long Does It Take For Me To Receive My Custom Bottled Water Order?
adam springer Jul 15, 2019

The short answer is plan for three weeks but it's often sooner. Here is the long answer. It takes up to 12 to 14 business days to produce bottled water although often times it is sooner depending upon the day you order. The earlier you order in the week generally the quicker we can get your orde...

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