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How Many Cases Are On A Pallet Of Custom Bottled Water?
Sep 13, 2018

Shipping an entire pallet or skid of custom bottled water is really the most economical way to purchase the product. Although we offer the flexibility to order a smaller amount of cases than what fits on a pallet when you order a full pallet you are taking advantage of a couple of things: Pall...

Lost, Missing or Can't Find Your order?
Jan 12, 2019

If you are tracking your package and it says it's been "Delivered" first double check your mailbox, with your neighbors or anyone else that might pick up your mail. If you still can't find it and you're positive nobody has moved it or accepted it for you contact the carrier immediately. Here are ...

The Wrong Way to Start a Bottled Water Company
Mar 22, 2019

"I want to start a bottled water company!" "I have this great idea." It's a question we hear consistently and have since we started back in 2003. We get calls emails and chats all the time about people asking how low can I get the price if I buy X amount of custom bottled water pallets. If this ...

May 5, 2019

DO NOT RETURN your product. It has your custom information on it and no one else wants it and we don't have a use for it. If you ordered too late and didn't allow enough time for your product to be made and shipped that is not a fault of ours. There are several places on the website that tell you...

Shipping and Delivery
May 5, 2019

Get information on shipping and delivery of your order. When will I get my order? Where will my order be sent from? What does production or processing time mean? What is shipping time? Why has my order shipped in multiple packages? How do I track my order? Shipping to Alaska/Hawaii Sh...

Contact Customer Support
May 5, 2019

Bottle Your Brand is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Our specialists are happy to help you with your order or answer any questions you may have by phone or emai. If you have any questions regarding our ordering processing or turnaround and delivery time, please visit our Shipping Del...

Promotional Codes & Coupons
May 5, 2019

At the checkout page enter "take10" in the discount codes field to save 10% on your order!

Satisfaction Guarantee
May 16, 2019

Our Promise To You We want you to be happy... As a family business we value you as a customer and your business. We always strive to produce the best possible product for you but if we've fallen short please let us know. Contact us via phone at 866-935-2235, live chat or email at info@bottleyour...

Yes We Ship Stickers and Labels To Canada
adam springer Jul 15, 2019

Do you ship to Canada? We get that question all the time. We love our Canadian neighbors to the north! In fact we are located just outside of Seattle so Canada is just a few short hours away by car. If you're looking for labels or stickers and you're located in Canada here are the basics. We off...

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