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How to Make Your Own Wine Labels

This is definitely the time to develop a love for making your own wine! With forums, magazines, and online stores all a keystroke away online, getting the information and resources you need to make your own wine at home has never been easier!

This includes making your own wine labels. It's easy to get your hands on professional-looking custom wine labels.

Some things to bear in mind while shopping for personalized wine labels:

  • Waterproof and tear-resistant. These are important qualities to have in a wine label. Many online label companies will sell you flimsy labels that rip easily (you'd be surprised how many labels you can rip while labeling bottles!) or that dissolve into a pulpy mess when you chill the wine. Our labels, however, are completely waterproof and tear-resistant.
  • Self-adhesive. Take our word for it, you do not want to mess around with gluing labels onto your bottles. What a pain! Instead, look for labels that are completely self adhesive and easy to apply (like our labels! All you have to do to apply them is peel off the protective backing!).
  • Professional quality printing. The industry leading standard is digital printing. The reason for this is that digital printing produces crystal clear, durable results. Steer clear of anyone who prints using an inkjet (unless of course, you want blurry labels that will probably smear when they get wet). We use cutting-edge commercial digital printers that print flawlessly.

If you choose to print your labels with us, you have a truly fantastic resource right at your fingertips: Our Design Online tool! Personalize one of our designs or create something completely from scratch using an image you upload from your computer. You can see your design right in front of you as you customize it!

Have fun, be creative, and enjoy the design process. With custom wine labels from Bottle Your Brand, no one will ever guess that the fantastic homemade wine you're serving them was made with the tap water from your kitchen sink!

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