Destination Wedding Favors Made Easy

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular as many couples opt to travel to romantic locations for their weddings. In the past decade, about 16 percent of weddings were destination weddings. Instead of spending the money on an elaborate wedding locally, brides are choosing tropical beach resorts or quaint European locations for their destination weddings.

This of course brings up the problem of what to do about the traditional elements of wedding planning like wedding favors. According to Conde Nast magazine, the average destination wedding has 63 guests in attendance. How will a bride easily provide wedding favors for that many people in a faraway location? Here's an idea: order personalized wedding water bottle labels!

Creative Wedding Favors to Personalize

Water bottle labels with a personal message or beach theme make terrific destination wedding favors. Here's why - labels are lightweight (about one-half ounce for ten labels) and they pack flat, so they travel in your suitcase or carry-on bag with ease.

Once the wedding destination is reached the bride can dispatch her maid of honor, bridesmaids, or wedding planner to the local market for water bottles to label. If water bottles are not available consider sparkling water, ciders, or even tropical juices. Any beverage that guests will enjoy can be labeled with personal wedding labels and used as destination wedding favors.

We include instructions for applying your water bottle labels the most efficient way with each label order. We also try to make sure you have a few extra labels for practice! It's easy to apply labels and quick.

We also recommend our personalized wedding wine labels for travel destination wedding favors. This is another option for brides who are unsure what to use for wedding favors as they travel to weddings in distant locations.

At Bottle Your Brand we offer a wide variety of wedding water bottle labels and wedding wine labels to personalize. If you are seeking a custom label design we can provide that for you as well. When you choose our labels for your wedding favors you can be sure you are getting quality printing and label material. Our wedding labels are waterproof and colorfast. So no matter where you use our labels they will be perfect for your personal use.

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