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How to Apply Bumper Stickers

Our custom bumper stickers are easy to apply. They come with a protective backing that's easy to peel off, exposing the adhesive backing that will stick your bumper sticker to your car.

It's important to remember to clean off your bumper before applying your bumper sticker, however. If you attempt to stick your bumper sticker to a dirty car bumper, the adhesive will not be as effective and your bumper sticker will not stay on like it's supposed to.

Another thing to keep in mind before trying to apply your bumper sticker is to make sure your car bumper is dry. Our bumper stickers are not intended to adhere to wet surfaces, and will fall off if your car's bumper is wet.

So, those are the two things to keep in mind when applying your bumper sticker: You want your bumper to be clean and dry.

If you can, also try to make sure that the surface you're applying your custom bumper sticker to is smooth. Painted or chrome finishes tend to provide the best surface for bumper stickers, while rubber and rough-textured plastic finishes can be more problematic.

Our personalized bumper stickers are completely waterproof, and will stay on your car looking great for as long as you like. No matter what kind of weather the world throws your way, rest assured knowing your personalized message is withstanding the elements!

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