Water Bottle Labels For Churches

If you're part of a church and are looking to spread the word about your services and ministries, custom water bottle labels are a cost effective and easy way to do so. Here at Bottle Your Brand we've enjoyed working with many churches, ministries, youth groups and fellowships over the years. Whether you practice Christianity, Hindu, Islam, Judaism or Buddhism, it doesn't matter, any religion is welcome to create their own water bottle labels for their church or place of worship.

What can you do with custom water bottle labels for churches? The answer is a lot! We have produced labels for thousands churches over the years and some of the most popular uses are:

  • Promote the church services and overall message
  • Advertise specialty worship groups or gatherings
  • Spread the word by adding a bible verse or other message on the label
  • Fundraise for church or missionary activities


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Often times we get churches looking to create a water bottle label to hand out to the public and spread the awareness of their ministry. The most common label designs include the name of the church, the logo, the address and website, and also the service times and days. There is plenty of room to place all of that information and more on either of the two water bottle label sizes. We have 8" x 2.125" or 8.25" x 1.75". Your church water labels come in full color so if you do want to include a photo please feel free to do so. There are no per color charges.

Spreading The Word With Water Bottle Labels

When designing custom church water bottle labels be sure to use consistent branding. This means using the same logo, font and color scheme as you do with the rest of the marketing and promotional materials for your church. That way it builds recognition and makes your labels more memorable to those who see them. We provide you with all the tools to do just that in our design online program. You can upload your church's logo or pictures, enter specific color codes for text and other elements. And the best part is we offer over 500 font styles to chose from so the design possibilities are unlimited. You should have no trouble matching the labels to your other branding.

water bottle labels for churches

If your church has a website, Twitter or Facebook page you can get really creative and add a QR code to your water bottle label that directs the user to any one of them. Adding a QR code is simple, first get the design setup the way you want and then click the QR code icon on the left toolbar to add it to the design. From there you have more than a dozen options as to where or what you want the QR code to do. Simply select one and enter the required information. You can even change the foreground or background color of the code! It's that simple. Then when users scan your QR code on your church water bottle label it will have a call to action that engages them.

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If you're looking to fundraise for your church, water bottle labels are great for that. You can hand them out, sell them as stickers, or find water bottles at your location to apply them to and do the same. With our two available sizes you're sure to find bottles at your local Costco, Sam's Club or grocery store that will fit our labels. The labels have a simple crack and peel backing that you remove to apply to the bottles. So head on over to Costco and stock up on Kirkland Signature water bottles. Then design and order your labels on Bottle Your Brand. Get some of the folks together within your church to have a water bottle labeling party. The result is custom labeled bottled water for your church that is inexpensive (well under $1 per bottle) and now you can go out and use it to fund church activities.

If you have questions or need help with your design please email us at [email protected], or call or live chat with us from the hours of 9 am to 4 pm PST Monday to Friday.

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