Bottled Water for Waiting Rooms

One of life’s little frustrations is being stuck at the doctor's or dentist's waiting room with nothing to read and nothing to drink. So if you're an office manager for a doctor, dentist, plastic surgeon, orthodontist, chiropractor or urgent care facility read on!

There are actually a few items that are necessary to make a waiting room comfortable and bearable for your customers or patients. Those are:

  1. Free Wi-Fi. It’s not 2003 anymore, everyone should offer free Wi-Fi in their waiting room.
  2. Reading material, provide some current magazines or newspapers.
  3. Comfortable chairs.
  4. Puzzles, games and toys for children.
  5. Private labeled bottled water with your office's own custom label. People need water!


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custom labeled bottled water


By providing custom labeled bottled water with your office's own label, not only are you providing an inexpensive luxury to your patients, but you're also marketing your organization. Every bottle is a little traveling billboard when your patients take one with them as they leave. Twelve ounce custom bottled waters are the perfect size offering a smaller quantity than the standard bottles you find at grocery stores. Yet they're enough to quench people's thirst and large enough to encourage them to take it with them when they leave.

bottled water for waiting rooms

If your office has limited space for storage don’t worry, we give you the ability to order as little as one case of 24 bottles of water. If you do want to take advantage of the price breaks that come with ordering multiple cases, you can make a larger purchase to take advantage of that discount. We can ship you cases, as you need them.

Here is an example: A dentist’s office has room to store two cases of 12 oz. bottles. They use roughly two cases per month, but they want to purchase a full pallet of 84 cases of bottles to receive a substantial savings in the price per case. They purchase the 84 cases and then we ship them two cases each time they call or email us. At the time of shipment they simply pay for the UPS shipping charge of those two cases and everything is right with the world. This solution works for many professional offices.

Waiting room bottled water can have anything you want on the label. Add your organization's logo, pictures, website, even a coupon code for one of your services, or a QR code that directs people to your website! QR codes have become extremely popular on bottled water lately, because the code can contain a discount offer, website address or even directions to your office.

dental office bottled water

There are a few generic designs for dentists, doctors and other businesses on the Bottle Your Brand website in case you don’t want to completely design your label from scratch. You can take these pre-designed bottled water labels and add your phone number and website, simple as that. What we have found though is that many doctors, especially plastic surgeons prefer to make their own design using their own colors, logos and pictures that match their website and overall branding.

We work with one chiropractic business that even offers their own custom bottled water in a small refrigerator to keep the bottles chilled for their patients. Comfort is really key when people are waiting for an exam, teeth cleaning or medical procedure. So consider the benefits of adding custom bottled water to your waiting room and order today. It’s a simple process that just takes a few minutes and can all be done online. If you do want to speak with us about our drop shipping program for bottled water feel free to give us a call at 866-935-2235 and we can get your office on a schedule where we ship out your desired case quantity every week, month or quarter.

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custom labeled bottled water

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