Private Label Bottled Water and Trade Shows

Any business looking for trade show giveaways has a mountain of products to choose from. Most of these products have a cheap, trinket-like appearance and will end up as what is sometimes referred to as "landfill from China". Private Label Bottled Water Private label bottled water doesn't fall into this category. Our bottled water makes quality trade show giveaways and our bottles are recyclable. Handing out a refreshing bottle of pure spring water during a trade show is a welcome sight to convention goers, many of whom have been walking the floor for hours. Your label information is displayed in sharp, colorful detail, highlighting your logo and any facts important to your company. We recommend the 12 oz. bottle since it's easy to carry but we also have 16.9 oz bottles.

trade show bottled water

Trade Show Delivery of your Private Label Water

We know how complex it can be coordinating convention and trade show deliveries. With all of the details you have to cover, the last thing you need to worry about is whether or not your promotional products show up on time. We've got you covered. Our shipping department can assist with your exhibitor service requests, from delivery date to special address labels. We work with all the major exhibitor services from GES to Freeman.

We also know that sometimes your promotional water needs to arrive at a holding area where the Exhibitor Services will stage it until show time. We can make sure it arrives on time. All you need to do is place your order a few weeks in advance of the trade show and forward all of the information provided by your Exhibitor Service. We will take care to label and ship all your packages exactly as required. We can also provide RUSH service to trade shows, if you decide you need products at the last minute.

Production & Transit Time to your Trade Show

At Bottle Your Brand we take the time to calculate production and transit time in order for your delivery to arrive on the specific date you request. We know that if it arrives too soon sometimes a storage fee is levied; if it arrives too late, it will miss the show.

Are you shipping your bottled water to a hotel or convention center? We can handle it for you. We'll help you create the correct address layout including a delivery contact and a HOLD request for your shipment until you arrive. Many hotels are happy to store your private label bottled water for a day or two until your trade show.

Small or Large Trade Show Shipments

Whether you're shipping two cases or two pallets of bottled water, we can handle it for you. Many of our customers count on us from year to year to get their products to their shows on time. We have excellent freight rates that we pass on to our customers.

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