How Can I Use Private Label Water?

Private Label Bottled Water

We see a lot of labels here at Bottle Your Brand. It always surprises us how many uses our customers find for their private label water. Our customers typically fall into two categories: private consumers and businesses. Let's look at just a few of the creative ways our business customers have used their private label bottled water.

Corporate Private Label Bottled Water

One of our best known customers (and one of our favorites to work with) is Nordstrom. How does Nordstrom use their private label water? They order bottled water for store events nationwide where designers unveil new fashion lines, make-up products and shoe styles. When they host a fashion show, luncheon, or make-up clinic, each and every bottle given to customers has a Nordstrom logo on it as well as the designer's brand. So not only is Nordstrom giving their customers bottled spring water to enjoy, they are cleverly marketing their brand, (as well as their designers') all wrapped up in one simple, but ingenious, private label water bottle!

Columbia Winery is about 10 miles down the 405 freeway from our headquarters here in the Northwest. Now, you might ask why they would have a need for private label bottled water, especially when they sell a beverage that a lot of people would prefer to water! Well, in their gift shop is a cooler and on most days, especially in the warmer months, people need to drink water after their wine tasting experience. What could be a better way to satisfy their customer's thirst than a bottle of water displaying the brand of Columbia Winery? Let's face it. You can't walk down the street drinking from a wine bottle, but you can take along refreshing spring water. Those folks over at Columbia Winery know a thing or two.

Ferrari of Seattle is one of the favorite labels of the men here at Bottle Your Brand. Roberto, who is the proprietor, has kept bottled water with the Ferrari brand on site for the last four years. He knows that good service includes providing amenities for customers while they are in his showroom. As a smart businessman the amenity he chooses, private label bottled water, also carries his product brand.

Bottled water and fitness go hand in hand. So it is no surprise that Pure Fitness has its own private label bottled water. They keep our handy 12 ounce bottle on location for a logo promotional item to give to new customers. They also use their private label water for special fitness promotions. The thing about a convenient bottle size is that consumers will fill it over and over again for continued use. This well-known fact is not lost on the smart people who run Pure Fitness. They know their brand will be carried around by their customers for quite some time.

And speaking of smart people, dentists and doctors are some of the professionals who choose private label bottled water for their customers. After a visit to the dentist what could be more appropriate than a bottle of water to accompany that new toothbrush and floss? We know of one orthodontist who gives 16.9 oz. bottles with his private label to the local area soccer team he sponsors. Those bottles are carried in sports bags to fields around the city where scores of teenagers and their parents (potential clients) see his private label with his information. Talk about cost effective advertising!

We could list many more uses for corporate private label water, but we're sure by now you are eager to try some ideas of your own. Give us a call, or order online. At Bottle Your Brand, we're here to make sure you get great service and a quality product.

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