What Size Water Bottle Label Should I Buy?

Water bottle labels for a wedding.

We sell a lot of water bottle labels at Bottle Your Brand. We discovered sometimes it’s more economical and faster for our customers to buy water bottle labels instead of cases of water. When customers buy our labels for their events, they put them on bottled water brands they buy locally. Probably the number one […]

Selling Wine? Making a Wine Label the TTB Will Approve

Wine labels by Bottle Your Brand for Old Oaks Vineyard

Making a wine label for selling wine is like filing your taxes, you have to know the right government form to fill out or you’ll end up starting over. We’ve had the privilege to assist customers with the layout of their wine label for TTB approval and we want to provide you with some tips […]

Holiday Gift Idea #6: Mini Paint Can Christmas Favor

Christmas party favor idea - mini paint can with custom circle sticker

Mini Paint Can Favor with Custom Circle Sticker Twelve days until Christmas and if you’re like me you’re wading through the to-do list and it just keeps getting longer! Well take Christmas favors off your list because this idea is easy enough you can have your husband or kids do it for you. Mini paint […]