Let’s drink, herb-infused style!

It’s summertime and with all our drink labels in production, it’s making us thirsty! Have you ever tried herb-infused cocktails? You can use herbs from your garden or from your local farmer’s market.

First, let’s start with Bottle Your Brand’s herb of choice — basil. We found these cute Garden Bon Bon’s (see below), made by Moulton. There’s a huge variety, but we’re going with “Slow Drinks Cocktail Garnish.” These bon bon’s are perfect for the chocolate lover and the garden lover…  Really, they’ll trick the eye — so don’t eat these straight from the box!

Plant the Red Clay Truffle piece, and soon you’ll have Italian Large Leaf Basil growing in your garden… Perfect for a basil infused cocktail!

Sold by Paperish Mess in Chicago, Il or check out Moulton’s Etsy Shop

To infuse Vodka:

Add one liter of Vodka to a clean, re-sealable container. Add about two fists full of lightly crushed basil and store in a sealed container away from direct sunlight. Wait three to five days, then strain and enjoy!

These make great gifts for friends and family members… Make your own custom labels at BottleYourBrand.com, and your gifts will look extra special!




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