Keepsake Ideas for Summer Vacation

Summer is coming to an end soon, and if you’ve taken any vacations, you’ve likely collected souvenirs and photographs along the way!  Bottle Your Brand suggests keeping these vacation memories a little stronger and longer in your mind with vacation memory jars.  Find a large glass or clear plastic jar, and fill it with your favorite souvenirs, photos, ticket stubs, sea shells, sand, and more.  Bent wire and mini clothes pins can be used to help position your items on display.  By creating these memory jars, you can revisit your trip anytime you want!

Here are some photographs to help you get inspired:


Clockwise from top left: 1 | 2 | 3

Bottle Your Brand also suggests putting together a wooden keepsake box after your vacations.  This is especially convenient for the travelers who have the best intentions of making a scrapbook when they return home, but never get around to it. The box is an easy alternative, and can hold photos, ticket stubs, maps, and mementos — and takes very little time to prepare.

You can find a keepsake box for $17 at  Then, simply paint / decorate, label, and fill your box as you wish! Stencil each destination name on to the box, or create custom vacation stickers right here at

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