For the crafty wine-lovers…

Easily turn wine bottles, soda bottle, or beer bottles into beautiful wall vases, or use them as table markers at any wedding or special event. Take an empty wine bottle, fill it with the flowers of your choice, peel off the original wine bottle label, and put your own custom designed table number sticker in its place!  This makes for a great table centerpiece. You might also consider using unopened bottles of wine (with your custom stickers of course) as your table markers… It gives your guests a little something to fill their glass, and it’s a nice way to thank them for coming.


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Wine bottles turned candles also make for great thank you gifts. Check out Rewined for visual inspiration on how to make your own!


Here are instructions to walk you through the process…

Things you need:

Nail polish remover
Kitchen string
Tub of water
Wine bottle
Safety equipment

Assemble the materials necessary for splitting a bottle in half. Make sure to get acetone nail polish remover, as opposed to nonacetone polish remover; without the correct kind of polish remover, the bottle will not split in half. Select a wine bottle, or other large, glass bottle, that you want to split, and peel off any labels from the glass. Clean the project area, whether it be the kitchen, the bathroom, the garage, or any other suitable location. Move large objects to the side, if possible, so they won’t get in the way in the case of an emergency. Put on safety goggles and sturdy, fireproof gloves.

Fill up a bathtub, sink, or large bucket with room-temperature water. Test the water height with the bottle; the bottle should fit comfortably and completely in the water-filled container when rotated either horizontally or vertically, depending on preference. Pour a small amount, an inch or less, of acetone-based nail polish remover into a cup. Wrap cotton kitchen string, also known as butcher’s twine, around the center of the bottle two or three times, cut the string, and tie the string tightly enough to stay secure around the bottle. Slip the loop of string off the bottle, and soak it for several seconds in the acetone.

Position yourself over the water. Slip the knotted loop of string back onto the bottle and slide it down the body until it is roughly centered; when put back in the water, the bottle will split where the string is placed, so choose the position carefully and with safety foremost in mind. Grip the neck of the bottle with one hand and hold the bottle away from you, over the water. Pick up the lighter with the other hand and carefully light the acetone-soaked string on fire.

Rotate the bottle slowly several times so that the flame travels equally to every part of the string. Wait for around 10 seconds, or until the flame starts to die down. Dunk the bottle into the water, either horizontally or vertically, and hold it under for a few seconds. Listen for the distinctive pops and crackles that indicate separating glass. Lift the bottle out of the water, grip each side of the bottle, and gently pull the two halves apart.


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