Express Yourself With Water Bottle Stickers

Express Yourself With Water Bottle Stickers

Now that there are a million kinds of reusable water bottles out there the demand for stickers on water bottles has surpassed the traditional water bottle labels. For good reason too, reusable water bottles are better for the environment, generally hold more than a standard 16.9oz store bough bottle, are more durable and have become somewhat of a product to express yourself.

Water Bottle Stickers Express Your Character

Water bottle stickers are synonymous with laptop stickers and even phone case stickers because they are items you’re constantly with and people will associate with you. They’re almost like the evolution of the custom t-shirt. Choosing a sticker for your bottle conveyed to your classmates, friends, family or associates your mood and personality. You can project sarcasm, sadness, thoughtfulness, a tough guy image or just plain silliness. Example, if you carry around a water bottle like this one below with happy pizza sticker what are people going to think?









They will think you love pizza and you’re a silly goose. Which you are if you have a smiling pizza water bottle sticker. That’s a unique design that people will think about that sticker when they see you and you’ll be associate with that design hence the sticker expressing your character.

If you're interested in this water bottle sticker it can be found here with all the production details as well as size.








One more, where are all the 80s Nintendo kids at? Check out this mushroom sticker from a certain popular game that dominated our childhood. This sticker design is sure to inspire some nostalgic feelings and express to others that you grew up during a certain time period and played a certain game. It sounds cheesy but this water bottle sticker design can create a connection between people for that exact reason.

The How and What of Our Water Bottle Stickers

We use a different printer and material for water bottle stickers vs our old school product water bottle labels. For both we use a commercial digital printing press that prints photo quality. The difference is the material, water bottle stickers need to be even more durable than the water bottle labels so we print them on a true vinyl product rather than a synthetic. We finish our water bottle stickers with a high gloss that gives them a nice professional finish and adds to the already almost indestructible property of the vinyl. Really, these things are durable they will stand up to the dishwasher, direct sun, being in cold, dropped, scratched, you name it. In fact the material is rated to withstand outdoor exposure to the elements for up to 4 years.

Our Catalog of Water Bottle Sticker Designs

We have a whole category dedicated to water bottle & laptop stickers. We add designs continually so check ever so often for new designs. We’ve got dim sum designs to aliens and all sorts of motivational and uplifting messages for you water bottle stickers. If you don’t see something that strikes your fancy and you have a file you want to turn into a water bottle sticker in any shape you can make one here.
If you need help with anything from product questions to help with your file you want to turn into a water bottle sticker you can email us at [email protected] If it’s during the work week we’re around 9am to 3pm PST on live chat at the bottom left of the screen here.