SWAG-ger a Little

[singlepic id=12 w=240 h=160 float=center]The question you have to ask with swag is the same one you have to ask for every marketing decision you make: What will my return be on this investment?  Will the exposure and income I make as a result of this marketing expense be enough to justify spending my money on it?

As a small business, we understand this complicated equation intimately.  It’s more important now than it’s ever been to be strategic, intentional, and wise with your advertising dollars.

That being said, not all advertising is a foolish investment.  After all, if you weren’t doing any marketing you probably wouldn’t be doing much business either!  The key is to take advantage of the marketing tools that will give you the most bang for your buck.

This is where we come in: Using custom label bottled water in your marketing can be an amazingly effective way to get people thinking about your company and products.  If you’re participating in a trade show, convention, or looking for items to contribute to a swag bag, bottled water is a cost-effective option that is guaranteed to get people to notice what you’re promoting.  We can deliver directly to convention centers too, which makes your life a lot easier.

Think about it from a customer’s perspective: Which item will you notice more, a branded stress ball or a small bottle of water with a professional label?  Free refreshment is alluring at something like a tradeshow and is a great way to spark interest in your display and get conversations going.

Customers will appreciate the water and this will give you an opportunity to strike up a conversation about what you’re promoting.  The bottled water will continue to work for you after the customers leave because others will see the bottled water and seek some out for themselves.  This is the kind of swag that will work for you long after the customers leave your booth.

Personalized water bottles are also ideal items for promotional giveaways and swag bags.  Our 8 oz size is perfect for most swag bags and will be an eye-catching item of interest amid all the other items.

Customers love free stuff, and swag is a highlight for many people.  Give them swag that will reinforce your brand and product and you will ensure that your message goes home with them.

The money you spend on marketing may be the best money you can spend on your business.  Just make sure that you’re choosing marketing tools that are strategic and powerful and you’ll be well pleased with the results!





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