Reuse and Redecorate Your Beer Bottles!

Bottle Your Brand followers: Look at this innovative idea we came across! Have you ever had a difficult time thinking of a gift for someone you love?  You resort to picking up flowers at the grocery store.  Well… It’s true, it’s the thought that counts, but why not put even more thought into your pretty flower gift.  And if the gift recipient is a beer-lover, even better!

We love the idea of redecorating beer bottles and turning them into flower vases.

The steps are quite simple.  Read these instructions from The Colorful Living Project below:

1. Remove labels from bottles. (You can soak them in hot water and dish soap for extra help)
2. Dry and clean
3. Pick your spray paint choices: Seen above is Satin Ivory.
4. Spray paint box carrier too!

Additional information here:

Lastly, add finishing touches by applying your own custom labels to the gift.  Stick these “With Love” labels onto the newly painted bottles, or consider attaching this cute To/From gift tag (below) to your flowers with string.

baked with love sticker
special gift tags




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