Fun Water Bottle Recycling Facts!

[singlepic id=117 w=240 h=240 float=center]Thanks to the advances made in recycling technology and widespread accessibility of curb-side recycling programs, recycling has never been easier!  Here are some fun facts you may not have known about recycling plastic water bottles:

  1. PET 1 and PET 2 are the most recycled commonly recycled plastics.
  2. Recycling one ton of PET plastic saves 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space.
  3. Recycled water bottles can be used to create carpet, clothing, toys, drainage pipes, sleeping bags, cassette casings, plastic lumber, flower pots, insulation for sleeping bags and ski jackets, car bumpers, and more.
  4. Half of all polyester carpet made in the United States is made from recycled plastic bottles.
  5. It takes 12 20 oz plastic bottles to produce enough fiber for an extra large t-shirt.

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We wholeheartedly support recycling programs and responsible environmental stewardship.  Our water bottles are 100% recyclable and manufactured using PET 1 plastic, the safest and most recyclable plastic.  The world’s not perfect, and recycling facilities are not yet as widespread as we’d like, but our nation is moving in the right direction and we’re happy to do everything we can to help spread the news about the importance of recycling.





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