Pretty in Pink

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Planning birthday parties for boys is fun in its own way, but there’s just something special about planning girly events.  The ribbons, the frills, the lively colors!  You can plan in a million different directions and still end up with a pretty party that makes your little girl feel like a princess.

With that in mind, take a look at the “Pink Bow” custom label design you see above.  Wouldn’t this be gorgeous for a little girl’s birthday party (or even for a baby shower for a baby girl?)  You can order this design in a few different sizes, which means you have quite a few options for adding a custom design element to your party!

You could for example, order this design in the 2″ x 3″ size and use the custom stickers to seal the party invitations.  Envelope seals are a lot of fun, because they give the envelopes the opportunity to set the tone for the entire event.  What little girl wouldn’t feel special to be invited to a party with a specially sealed envelope?

If you want to include a time for crafts in your party, having a whole bunch of these stickers around is a great idea.  You could encourage the little partygoers to stick these custom stickers on paper princess crowns, or homemade birthday cards, or even just include them in a goody bag to take home and enjoy later.

You could also use these to seal the goody bags.  Send everyone home with a little bag filled with candy and toys and then seal them with these adorable favor labels that thank them for coming to your party.  You can add a little style to your good manners!

We just love designs like these, that can be used in so many different ways for so many different events!





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