Have Design, Will Personalize

A completely versatile design is a thing of beauty, isn’t it?  Flexible, adaptable, it can be personalized and used for any number of occasions.

For example, there’s Almost Square, the design featured above.  Fun, flirty, slightly retro, this water bottle label design can be personalized and used for anything.  You could use these at a birthday party and put the birthday girl’s name and birth date on it.  Or, you could use this at a bridal shower, and customize it with the bride’s name and wedding date.  This label is a (beautiful) blank slate!

Another great versatile design is for custom labels and is called “Banded Daisies“.  This label design is striking yet delicate, and can be used for anything.  It would look great on a jar of homemade preserves, but would also look stunning sealing bags of party favors.  Simply change the words on the label and you can use it a hundred different ways!

If you’re looking for a flexible wine label design, check out “Seahorse Wine Label“.  This design features bold colors and plenty of room for customization.  This would be a fantastic retirement party decoration, but it could also just as well be used as a personalized holiday gift.

We have hundreds of designs that are very specifically designed for certain kinds of events, but sometimes what you’re looking for is a blank slate that you can put your own spin on and enjoy.  We take customization seriously, and take pleasure in providing you with everything you need to make completely custom labels!  If what you need is a versatile design you can do anything with, then voila!  Your wish is our command!





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