Mini Wine Bottle Labels

We are often asked whether we sell personalized wine labels for miniature wine bottles.  Mini wine bottles are used to beautiful effect in weddings and parties, often serving as favors or decorative refreshments.  The small bottles and customary foil toppers can be an attractive and festive addition to any event’s decor.

Now, if you look at our site you’ll see wine labels and water labels, but no specific mention of mini wine bottle labels.  The reason for this is that you can actually use our small water bottle labels as mini wine bottle labels.  Check it out:

[singlepic id=154 w=160 h=240 float=center]

Looking pretty good, huh?    We love those lolly pops tied to the bottles, it makes them look so festive!

The great thing about using our small water bottle labels as mini wine labels is that they wrap all the way around the bottle, so your bottles look great from all angles.  Plus, you have that much more room for pictures, words, whatever you like.  The height of our small water bottle labels is ideal for mini wine bottles, and with our completely self-adhesive labels, it’s simple to apply them.

If you take a look at the water label designs and don’t find any that tickle your fancy, try heading over to the wine labels section.  If you find a wine label design you love, just let us know and we can turn it into a water label for you!  We’re happy to work with you to craft a label that’s perfect for your celebration.





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