Dinosaur-Sized Fun!

Dinosaurs are awesome.  Huge and exotic, they can captivate a roomful of children like nobody’s business.  That’s why we designed our adorable “Dinosaur Duo” water bottle label: to help you harness the fun of dinosaurs!

The great thing about dinosaurs is that they’re not specifically a boy or a girl thing, everyone likes them!  You can throw a dinosaur birthday party for a little girl, a little boy, or both: the only thing that’s for certain is that everyone will have fun!

The same kind of idea applies to this label design.  You can use this design to customize the bottled water at your party, or apply the design to custom labels and have custom birthday stickers with cute dinosaurs on them.  You could use these custom stickers to seal birthday party favor bags, or even just throw a couple into each bag for the kids to play with later.

This design isn’t limited to birthday parties, either.  Imagine how adorable this design would look at a charity golf tournament to benefit a children’s hospital!  You could hand out personalized bottled water bearing this design, or even turn the design into a bumper sticker and hand out custom bumper stickers instead.

Much like the dinosaurs themselves, the possibilities for how you can use this label design are huge!


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