Survive the Recession with Our Custom Labels

[singlepic id=30 w=240 h=160 float=center]The inauguration this morning was nothing if not a very good reason to harbor some hope for the future.  The stock market continues to tumble and jobs everywhere are disappearing, but at least now we have the faintest hope that some new leadership might get us back on track.

Even if things don’t start getting better immediately, there are definitely some great ways to cope with the way things have been shaking out lately.  Our graphic designers, inspired by the new line of wine from Recession Wines, have come up with two new label designs that are designed specifically to help you get through this recession/depression/whatever using the best coping mechanism of all: humor!

Our “Recession Red” wine label features a plummeting stock market indicator and an recommendation that more wine leads to less whining.  The wording is, of course, fully customizable, so you can change it to reflect whatever mood you’re in at the moment.  Our new “Recession Ale” label is characterized by a playfully escaping dollar sign and the practical advice that beer can really be a cold comfort during hard times.

These labels are the perfect way to comfort someone who’s just lost their job, watched their stock portfolio evaporate overnight, or is generally just wishing that times were not so tough.  At less than $1 apiece, they have the added benefit of being a cheap way to commiserate!  Whoever you’re sharing your beer or wine with will definitely appreciate the humor and sentiment on these labels.

We genuinely wish President Barack Obama the very best of luck as he starts his term of office.  We know that things may not be fixed overnight, but we have hope for a better future.  Until then, though, we’ll continue to enjoy our wine and beer with a little tongue in cheek humor.





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