Beach Wedding Idea

Imagine this: A beautiful beach on a warm sunny day.  Rows of chairs surrounding a petal-strewn aisle.  Candle-lit tables with white tablecloths, plates of delicious hors d’oeuvres, and custom bottles of wine.

Sound nice?  Then a beach wedding might be right for you!

Beach weddings can run the gamut from formal to casual.  If you’re thinking of juxtaposing the casual, laid-back setting of the beach with formal table settings, you’ll definitely want to consider using personalized wine labels to add to your décor.  We have a few beach-themed designs to choose from, like Lucky Sand Dollar.

If you like “Lucky Sand Dollar”, you’ll probably also enjoy Shells as well.  Both label designs feature a clean blue background and a lovely collection of shells.  We also have a design called Tropical Beach, that showcases the bold, rich tones of the sunset.  All our designs are, of course, completely customizable.  You can add your name, the date of your wedding, the location, anything you like!

Of course, if you want a truly custom label, you can always create your own!  Upload your engagement photos to your label, or even just snap a picture of the beach you’re saying your vows on.  You can have a lot of fun creating custom labels for beach weddings!

Once you have your custom wine labels, it’s easy to apply them to the bottles of wine you’ll be serving at your wedding.  Place the bottles on the tables, arrange some shells across the tablecloth, add some candles, and voila!  A tasteful, beach-themed tablescape that will look fabulous in photos!





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