Adult Birthday Party Favors

Birthday parties are fun.  It doesn’t matter if you’re 19 or 99, if you’re celebrating your birthday you’re having a good time!  Throwing a birthday party for an adult is a lot different than throwing a kids birthday party, though.  Usually with kids, you throw some balloons in there, have some cake, hit some pinatas, and call it a day.  If there’s a lot of screaming and running, the party’s probably a success.

If you have a lot of screaming or running at an adult’s birthday party, though, something’s probably gone terribly wrong.  Don’t worry about it, though, because we’ve got you covered.  To guarantee a terrific birthday party for a grown-up, here are the things you really need:

  1. Great food.  Go for some tasty hors d-oeuvres, chips and dip, veggies, fruit, and, of course, cake!  Finger foods are amazing if the party is casual, whereas a sit-down dinner would be lovely for a formal gathering.  Tailor the food selection to suit the birthday boy or girl and you can’t miss.
  2. Great drinks. This doesn’t necessarily mean booze, though that can certainly help.  Make sure drinks are abundant and easy to find and your guests will thank you for it.  Offer beer, wine, maybe a cocktail or two, and make sure to offer a few non-alcoholic choices well.  We like serving bottles of water and soda in buckets of ice, personally, but that’s just because they look attractive and are easy to find.  Personalized water bottle labels and personalized beer labels look great wherever you put them!
  3. Great favors. Party favors are just as important for adults as they are for kids.  Sure, you could throw some candy in a little bag and hand it out but your friends might look at you funny.  An even better favor is a bottle of personalized wine.  Raid Trader Joe’s discount wine section, pick up enough wine to hand out one bottle per couple, and accessorize with a personalized birthday wine label.  It’s the perfect way to say “Thanks for celebrating!”

We just released some new birthday wine label designs specifically for adult birthday parties:

[singlepic id=8 w=240 h=160 float=center]The new “ISH” wine label design commemorates the attitude that age is just a number.  This is the perfect wine label for anyone who’s 30-ish, 90-ish, or anywhere in between.

[singlepic id=9 w=240 h=160 float=center]Our “Diamonds” birthday wine label is soft, flirty, and refined.  This label would look amazing on a bottle of pink champagne, fit to toast a lady of distinction!

Even if you don’t have a pinata at your next adult birthday celebration, that doesn’t mean your celebration will be drab or dull!  Just make sure you remember the cardinal three rules for throwing a great shindig and have some fun.  One could argue, what with the opportunity to enjoy alcoholic beverages and engage in stimulating conversation, that adult birthday parties might even be more fun!





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