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50 Funny, Unique & Amusing Beer Labels

A cartoon beer label made the list of our 50 funny beer labelsMaking a cool beer label for your beer is a thing of pride. If you enjoy looking at funny, unusual, or just plain weird funny beer labels then you’ll like this post. We’ve compiled a collection of 50 beer labels made by our customers that we find entertaining. Make sure you read the labels because our customers are a humorous and witty bunch. Don’t worry about being offended. We didn’t include any beer labels with bad language or gratuitous nudity.

Like a good coffee table book, beer labels can entertain you and make you laugh. We enjoy seeing the beer labels that come through our order queue. From brew clubs to individuals, the labels never fail to amaze us. Since our website lets customers pretty much add anything they want to a custom beer label we see a lot of funny labels. Today we share 50 beer labels from our archives for your viewing enjoyment.

Sit back, pop open a cool one and scroll down to have a look. You’ll find beer labels with Star Wars characters, pop culture or You Tube sensations, birth announcement beer labels, groomsmen beer labels, wedding beer labels, bachelorette beer labels and more.

Wedding Beer Labels

Four examples of wedding beer labels from our customer order filesWedding beer labels like these are popular submissions from home brewers about to tie the knot.

 Patriotic Beer Labels

Patriotic theme custom beer labelsBeer lovers are a patriotic bunch.

 Baby Birth Announcement Beer Labels

Birth Announcement beer labelsBirth announcements you can drink are fun! These baby birth announcement beer labels are a testament to proud parents.

 Unusual Origin Beer Label

A clever beer label with appealing colors and graphicsOur customers are classy trailer park dwellers.

 Star Wars Beer Labels

Storm trooper stout beer labelStar Wars beer labels are a popular theme.These Star wars beer labels caught our attention. Hop Solo? That’s a classic.

 Smart Beer Labels

Even science lovers like to brew beer and make beer labelsScience lovers are also beer lovers. These clever beer labels prove it scientifically.

 Cartoon Beer Labels

Pin up beer labels and cartoon character beer labels are popular themesPin-Ups seem to never go out of style even on beer labels and who can resist Scooby Brew?

 I Mustache You Beer Label

A popular beer label for grooms asking Will You Be My Groomsman?This trend for wedding beer is still popular after several years on Pinterest and other social media sites.

 Beer Labels Named for Animals

Cartoon animals on beer labels. Make one for yourself.White men can’t jump, but they can hop! These animal beer labels are examples of how critters make interesting beer labels.

 Disturbing Beer Labels

Funny or disturbing? Beer labels with an edge.We’re not sure if these beer labels are funny or just disturbing. Menacing clowns, the apocalypse and a kick square to the family jewels. You be the judge.

 Halloween Beer Labels

Halloween beer labels with pumpkins and a a zombieSome beer labels for Halloween are cute others are just plain scary.

 Father’s Day Beer Label

A custom made Fathers Day beer label.Awww…who can resist this Father’s day beer label made with cute kid’s drawings?

 Farm Themed Beer Labels (Obscure but clever)

Unusual beer labels that have a farm themeIt’s not often we see farms or farming on beer labels so we shared these two labels with you.

 Birthday Beer Label

Birthday Beer labels custom made for any birthdayBirthday beer labels as clever as this one get a thumbs up from our crew. Make your own beer label on Bottle Your Brand.

 Beer Labels You Don’t Want On Your Beer

Some beer labels show a little too much skin.We promised no nudity on beer labels, we didn’t say no partial nudity.

 Beer Labels with Puns

Beer labels with names that are puns or play on words.Beer labels for risk takers A beer is like a parachute…that simile was never taught in your English class was it? We love a good play on words, especially in a beer label name.

 Pop Icon Beer Labels

Beer labels that mimic pop cultureFifteen minutes of fame or notoriety, either way sometimes when you end up in the media you also end up on someone’s beer label.

 History of Beer Labels

Beerology labels with historical facts about beer labels This customer added interesting historical beer facts to his labels. Beerology 101 for those who love beer.

 Government Themed Beer Labels

Two beer labels about the government shut down.Political beer labels are a popular submission on Bottle Your BrandBitter ale and bitter taxpayers…the government is often a beer label topic.

 Beer Goggles Beer Label

Beer label view of your date after a few too many beersYou’ve heard of them…beer goggles. One of our customers decided to prove it’s true. We didn’t come up with this label, one of our customers did.

 Bachelorette Party Beer Label

Bachelorette beer label made by a Bottle Your Brand customer.When you’re driving around in a limo with your BFFs, a beer label with bras on it is the perfect party favor. Bachelorette beer labels made our top 50 beer labels.


We hope you’re inspired by the 50 beer labels in this post. When you’re ready to make your own beer label either from scratch or from a beer label template, we’re here to help. If you have any questions hit us up on our live chat or email us at [email protected]


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