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Branded Bottled Water for Meetings



Looking to make a good impression on a client, company, or association you are meeting with? Stock the meeting room with bottled water that has a custom label specific to the meeting or occasion. With minimums as low as one case (24 bottles) it’s easy to create your own label specific to an event or meeting and have custom labeled bottled water on hand for the occasion.

Having custom labeled bottled made specially for a meeting shows the client or company you are meeting with that this is a big deal, we care. It also has the secondary benefit of reinforcing your brand. When the guests leave the meeting, even if they don’t take a bottle with them they will remember that extra touch conveyed by a custom label on bottled water. If they do take a bottle with them it’s even better; they see the custom label with your logo or design on the bottle and it reinforces your brand. Repeated exposure to a logo, message, or image creates a familiarity and comfort, thereby increasing your chances of closing a deal, making a sale, or impressing the right people both in and outside the corporate world.

Customize Your Meeting Room Refreshments

We recommend the 12 oz. bottles for meeting room refreshments not only because you can order that size in a single case of 24 bottles, but the size is perfect for meetings. It’s not too large like the 16.9 oz. bottles where people leave half empty bottles behind when the event is done, but it’s also not too small like the 8 oz. bottle where it’s just enough for a few swallows. That said, it’s your choice which of the three bottle sizes you would like for your event. All sizes are sold 24 bottles to a case and the labels are customizable to meet the needs of your event. The labels are also 100% waterproof so if you chill the bottles before the meeting the labels won’t fall off and the color or ink won't run. The labels are durable and finished in high gloss, making them look far superior to store bought bottles with cheap paper labels. Just imagine how impressed your clients will be when they see you took the time to create a special label for the meeting they are attending!

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Design Bottled Water For Meeting Rooms

Our design online program offers you the ability to upload logos, photos, add text, and color, choose from dozens of fonts and create the perfect label for your meeting. If you have an in-house graphics or marketing team they can also upload the finished label artwork to our design tool to place your order. If that weren’t enough options, we also have a variety of pre-made bottled water design templates to modify to make your own. Regardless of how you create your design we give you the flexibility to create the label that is perfect for your event. If you need help don’t hesitate to email or live chat with us.

Ready To Create Your Own Custom Water Bottle Labels?

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