Make Your Own Water Bottle Stickers in Any Shape! use code: SAVE20 to save 20% on labels and stickers.

Water Bottle Stickers


Make Your Own Water Bottle Stickers



Choose from one of the two options below depending upon the shape of water bottle sticker you need.

custom shape vinyl water bottle stickers


Water Bottle Stickers in Custom Shapes

rectangle water bottle stickers


Water Bottle Stickers in Standard Rectangle Shapes

Water Bottle Stickers for Any Size Bottle

Choose from an option above to make any size or shape water bottle sticker you need. The option on the left is our die cut sticker option and you can create a sticker in the shape of a logo, photo or file you provide. The option on the right, the standard rectangle water bottle stickers come in two sizes. 8.25" wide by 1.75" tall or 8" wide by 2.125" tall. We offer those two rectangle size options because we tested dozens of store bought bottles and those two sizes worked the best universally across many of those popular bottles.

Water Bottle Stickers To Fit These Popular In Store Brands

Our two standard rectangle size stickers were made to fit on the following list of popular store bought single serving water bottles:

  1. Dasani (Coca-Cola)
  2. Aquafina (PepsiCo)
  3. Nestlé Pure Life
  4. Fiji Water
  5. Evian
  6. SmartWater (The Coca-Cola Company)
  7. Poland Spring (Nestlé Waters North America)
  8. Kirkland Signature (Costco)
  9. Perrier (Nestlé Waters)
  10. Deer Park (Nestlé Waters North America)

Keep in mind these companies periodically can change the shape and size of their bottles. If you want to get the best fit we encourage you to print out our water bottle sticker size guide and measure against the bottle you want to use.


If we can help you get your water bottle stickers created or if you have questions, please contact us. Cheers!