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UV Coated Bumper Stickers

uv coated bumper stickers




Waterproof, Durable, Full Color, UV Coated Bumper Stickers. Printed Fast!







UV coating on a bumper sticker is a must unless you want your sticker’s color to fade, become dull or illegible within a matter of a couple months to a year. We UV coat all of our 3” x 11” bumper stickers regardless of the design, because we believe in creating a quality, lasting sticker that will hold up to the elements.

Political, funny, rude, obscure, or otherwise, we offer some of the best designs around for car bumper stickers. If you don’t see what you like from our extensive collection of bumper stickers then go ahead and design your own, upload one of your photos, add some text, color, and boom, you’re all set. We print bumper stickers daily, so from the time you place your online order to the time you receive your bumper sticker via USPS, FedEx, or UPS it can be as little as a couple of days.

What is UV Coating?

UV coating, otherwise known as ultraviolet coating, is a shiny, glossy liquid coating that is applied to the surface of our labels after they are printed. The coating is then cured with an ultraviolet light where the coating hardens and forms a protective high gloss finish to the labels. The coating fully dries within seconds of that exposure to UV light. The coating blocks UV rays allowing the print underneath to retain its bright color without fading, peeling away, or cracking.

In addition to the benefit of keeping your bumper stickers from sun damage, UV coating also offers some other advantages: the high gloss finish makes products look more professional, provides abrasion resistance, since the coating is so durable, and the greater clarity of the design makes the underlying ink colors “pop” more.

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What is the Cost of UV Coating Bumper Stickers?

Nothing, there is no additional cost to UV coat your bumper sticker designs. We do it on all of our orders for bumper stickers, because it’s the right application for that product. Without UV coating, bumper stickers, regardless of the material and printing process, will fade over time, some materials and inks faster than others, but all will fade without the proper coating. When it comes to bumper stickers there’s nothing worse than a faded design that is illegible, so when you order from us you’ll know that your bumper stickers will look brand new years after they’re applied.

Order One or Hundreds of UV Coated Bumper Stickers

We offer you the flexibility to order as little as one bumper sticker or hundreds. All of our orders regardless of the quantity are printed quickly, UV coated, and shipped out within a few days of placing your order. We batch produce daily, so depending upon the time of day you place your order for bumper stickers, your order may ship out the next day.

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uv coated bumper stickers