Top Five Questions Answered About Water Bottle Labels


The Top Five Questions About Custom Water Bottle Labels


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So are you looking to make your own water bottle labels and then apply them to bottles you find at your local store? Great! We have you covered. Here are the top five questions we get asked about our custom water bottle labels.



1. What bottles do your labels fit on?

Because there are so many sizes, shapes, brands (and even size variations within brands) across the world, there isn’t one bottle we can recommend. That’s why we offer two general sizes: 8 inches x 2.125 inches and 8.25 inches by 1.75 inches.

What we encourage you to do is print out this simple water bottle label size guide and measure your bottles to see what best fits the bottle you plan to use. That will give you the exact fit of our water bottle labels on the brand of bottle you are going to purchase and apply our labels to. Here are some helpful links with photos of how our water bottle labels fit on some popular brands:

How are water bottle labels fit on popular brands of bottled water

What you need to know before you buy water bottle labels



2. How do they stick to the bottles?

Our water bottle labels have semi-permanent adhesive across the entire backing of the label, just like stickers. You can apply them to the bottles and immediately pull them up gently to reapply them if they are crooked, but once you apply them for more than a minute or two they are pretty well stuck.

Make sure when you apply them, to smooth them down against the bottle gently with your finger (not your fingernails) for maximum adhesion.



3. Do I have to peel off the old labels or can they go over the existing ones?

Either way works. Our water bottles are fairly thick, 7 ml material and the average material thickness on a popular store bought brand is 3 ml or less.  Being that our labels are over twice as thick as the existing labels they easily cover them up so you can't see through to the label underneath. This is true if the original label isn't larger in size than ours.

Most people opt to peel the existing labels off of the bottles, since more often than not, popular store bought bottled water labels are only affixed with a few dots of glue on the edges of the labels and come off fairly easily. Also, if you apply our labels over the excisting ones and the existing ones are a flimsy paper material and then you submerge the bottles, the labels will fall off because you stuck our labels to the non-waterproof paper ones.



4. What are the water bottle labels made of and are they waterproof?

They are made from a synthetic material that is 100% waterproof. The labels won't dissolve under water, the print won't run nor will the colors fade when exposed to condensation or submerged in water. Here is a quick product video to give you a visual of our water bottle labels and the material:



5.  When will I receive them?

It depends upon the shipping you choose on the checkout page. Production time is one to two business days after you place your order, then they ship. So say you order on a Monday, your water bottle labels would ship no later than Wednesday. Then if you choose the option of shipping via Overnight Service you would have them Thursday, with Two Day Air Friday, and USPS Priority Mail anywhere from 2 to 3 days after they ship. USPS First Class Mail is the slower option, with a transit time of 3 to 5 business days. Some people think FedEx Ground is fast, but you might be surprised to hear it can take up to 5 days in transit depending on your delivery zip code.



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