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Tincture and CBD Bottle Labels -

Make your own CBD oil or tincture bottle labels



Design Your Tincture or CBD Bottle Labels Online

If you're looking to easily make tincture or CBD oil bottle labels you've found the right place. We've made it really simple to order tincture bottle labels, especially in small quantities.

Simply choose the label size you need to get started. Below, you will find the two sizes we offer, along with suggestions for bottles they will fit. Click on the size that fits your bottle and it will take you to the product page. Once on the product page simply select the quantity you need, then click "Customize It". You'll be taken into the online design studio where you can easily create and order your own CBD or tincture bottle labels right before your eyes.

We give you the tools to make labels for CBD oils and tinctures for products like sleep aids, mood regulators, injury recovery, pain relief, skin conditions, anxiety, and more.



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What Are Tinctures and What Are They Made Of?



A tincture is basically an extract of a plant that's typically created in concentrations of 25% to 60%, although a tincture could run as high as 90% concentration. Tinctures typically use some type of alcohol as a solvent. Most tinctures use ethyl alcohol, but some use Vodka, Everclear, whiskey, brandy or even Gin. Anything that has a 40 to 50% alcohol content can be used. Many people use flowers as their base for their tincture which are ground up to a fine consistency.

Besides flowers here are some other tincture ingredients:

Dried leaves (cannabis or something else)




•Fresh Leaves

label your tincture ingredients


A Basic Tincture recipe

Here is a very basic and common method of creating a tincture at home. Simply follow these four steps:

  1. Gather the bark, berries, hearts, roots, flowers, leaves or whatever you're using and remove any unwanted parts.
  2. Wash, dry, and then chop or grind the ingredients up.
  3. Place them in an airtight jar.
  4. Pour the alcohol into the jar and seal it.
For fresh herbs, use a 1-1 plant-to-alcohol ratio. For dried herbs, use a 1-4 ratio. Seal the jar and let it sit for several weeks (6 or more), this gives the alcohol time to be absorbed by the active components of whatever ingredients you added. Shake the jar occasionally.

Once several weeks have passed, open the jar and strain the liquid. Be sure to label your tincture bottles with all the pertinent information. The label should include information like the name of the herbs used, the type of alcohol and it's concentration, the date it was created, and dosage instructions. You can also include a logo or even a photo on your tincture label.

How Do You Use Tinctures in a Bottle?

Tincture bottles are most commonly known as dropper bottles. To use a formula, simply fill the dropper syringe with liquid and put a drop under the tongue. Let it sit under the tongue for a few seconds, then swallow and rinse the mouth to get rid of the bitter taste, if needed. As far as quantity, start with one small dropper's worth of liquid and move up accordingly, usually it's best not to take more than two full droppers depending upon the manufacturer's recommendation, the concentration, and ingredients.

For more information, Google "tincture recipes", and don't forget to come back to create custom labels for all of your tincture and CBD oil creations.