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Table Number Labels


Table Number LABELS

  • Order as little as Five Table Number Labels!
  • Table Number Labels: low cost, high quality, durable, waterproof and self-adhesive.
  • Customized Table Labels: Are 6 inches high x 4 inches wide.
  • Table number label orders ship within two business days.

Choose a Table Number label design below to personalize OR start from scratch with the start now button above

  1. NEW
    Diamond Frame Fir Branches Table Number
  2. Grey Botanical Table Number Labels
  3. Botanical Floral Wedding Table Number Labels
  4. Twig Wreath Cheers Table Number Labels
  5. Hydrangea Table Number Labels
  6. Love Story Wedding Table Number Labels
  7. Gilded Bouquet Table Number Labels
  8. Christmas Dogs Table Number Labels
  9. Cherry Blossom Wedding Table Number Labels
  10. Watercolor Geometric Frame Table Number Labels
  11. Copper Geometric Watercolor Roses Table Number Labels
  12. Gold Laurel Table Number Labels
  13. Italian Wedding Table Number Labels
  14. Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Table Number Labels
  15. Rose Gold Sparkle Table Number Labels
  16. Rose Heart Frame Table Number Labels
  17. Linen and Blooms Table Number Labels
  18. Spring Green Table Number Labels
  19. Branches Table Number Labels
  20. Rustic Branches Table Number Labels
  21. Foggy Mountain Landscape Table Number Labels
  22. Rustic Mason Jar Table Number Labels
  23. Holiday Garland Table Number Labels
  24. Leaves Table Number Labels

Table Number Labels For Wedding Favors

One of the easiest and cheapest options for personalized wedding favors is creating your own table number labels. They're perfect for wine bottles, gable boxes, beer bottles, soda bottles, table decorations, and more. They are full color and completely waterproof, so spilled drinks or dripping wines won’t cause the labels to bubble, run or peel. They come individually cut with a peel-away protective backing for easy application to any surface you like.

Create An Original Table Number Label Design

Choose an out of the box pre-made design to modify or get creative and make your own design. Upload your engagement photo to make your table number label and add a few lines of text or just add the number. It's that simple! All the designing and creating is done online, so gather all your photos and ideas together to place your order. Once you complete your order the labels are printed and shipped within two business days.

Order Just One Table Number Label

That’s right, the minimum order quantity is just one label. Many of our competitors are selling table number labels in multiples of 4, 5, or more. How many tables with the same number do you have? Not offering a minimum of one is just silly. Nobody has five table threes. Offering one label is the right solution and also allows you the flexibility to have different designs for each table number if you want. Add a different photo to each table's design and make your table decorations truly unique.

If you're looking for inspiration or any ideas for table number labels or wedding favors in general you need to visit our blog and our Instagram page. Both have customer photos, ideas, and inspiring designs for you to draw from when you start to design your table number labels. In fact, here is a recent blog post we did about table number labels with four easy- to-follow projects.

Along with table number labels you can order matching wine, beer, water bottle labels, or mini wine labels. Many of our pre-made designs are available across these different product types, so if matching all your wedding favors is the look you're going for, we make it easy.