Swag Bags for Your Next Corporate Event

Want to show your employees how much they mean to you and your company? If you are hosting an out of town corporate event, what better way to show your employees how much you appreciate them then by putting together the ultimate swag bag and having it await their hotel arrival?

We’ve put together some ideas for creating the ultimate employee swag bags.

  1.       Start with a reusable tote, maybe even consider customizing it with the company brand name or your employees’ initials. If reusable totes are a little outside the budget, you can use colored paper bags from the dollar store and print out custom labels with your brand name and logo, your employees name or even a fun group picture from your most recent Holiday party.
  2.       Include a water bottle with a custom label in the bag. Who doesn’t love getting a customized water bottle they can reuse at the event?
  3.       Add in hand sanitizer with a cute saying or an inspirational quote.
  4.       If you will be having various sessions and seminars that will require a lot of note taking, include a notebook or journal and a pen. To make it more special and personal, print a custom label with your company logo and your favorite motivational quote for inspiration.
  5.       Include an inspirational book. Everyone loves getting a good self-development book, especially while on a work trip where they are away from their children and families and could use an inspirational and motivational book to help remind them of why they are doing what they are doing.
  6.       Throw in a few healthy and non-so healthy snacks! When people are sitting in long seminars and conventions for work, the last thing they want to be is hungry! Include a few healthy snacks they can throw in their briefcase and then of course include a few sugary treats to keep them pushing through.
  7.       For the employees who love to unwind and have fun, you could even include a bottle of wine in the bag so they have a little something special waiting in the hotel room after a long day of meetings. You can take it a step further by adding a customized wine label.

Swag bags are the perfect way to make an employee feel appreciated and special. When you are on long work trips, it is such a fun way to kick it off! By adding some personalized swag, you show your employees that you are going above and beyond to make sure they feel special. Sometimes all it takes is a small touch to encourage people to work hard and appreciate their job!

Need help making custom labels for your swag bags?

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