Personalized Soda Bottle Labels


Soda bottle LABELS

  • Soda Bottle Labels: waterproof, self-adhesive, ship within 48 hours and made from durable synthetic material.
  • Soda Bottle Label Size is 4" wide by 3" high.
  • Choose a Soda Bottle Label design below or design your own from scratch by using the make your own design below.

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  1. Popsicle Let's Chill Soda Label
  2. Soft Drink Soda Label
  3. Graduation Silver Glitter Soda Label
  4. Mermaid Sparkles Soda Label
  5. Groom's I Do Crew Soda Label
  6. Lemonade Soda Label
  7. Rustic Branches Soda Label
  8. Raspberry Lemon Soda Soda Label
  9. Orange Soda Soda Label
  10. Lemon Soda Soda Label
  11. Garden Party Soda Label
  12. Construction Zone Party Soda Label
  13. Summer Soda Pop Soda Label
  14. Power Pop Soda Label
  15. Celebration Soda Soda Label
  16. Bright Birthday Soda Label
  17. Minion Soda Label
  18. Soccer Birthday Soda Label
  19. Diamond Birthday Soda Label
  20. Balloons on Wood Background Soda Label
  21. Romance Watercolor Soda Label
  22. Graduation Gold Glitter Soda Label
  23. Baby Soda Label
  24. Make Your Own Soda Bottle Labels
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24 Items

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Customize Soda Labels with Your Photo or Artwork

Not everyone wants water, beer, or wine at your party. For those that are drinking soda pop, make sure you create a custom label for them as well. Personalized soda labels are easy to make and like our other beverage labels, you have full control of the design. Imagine how your party tables will look with all of your beverages sporting colorful personalized labels, even matching your party colors and theme. You'll be Pinterest worthy for sure and impress the party guests at the same time.

Whether it’s Jone’s Soda, Izzy, Pepsi or a good old fashioned Coca-Cola bottle, our soda bottle labels will fit and adhere perfectly. We use a standard 4” wide by 3” high soda template that we have found to be a happy medium to fit most popular soda brands. Although primary for glass soda bottles, our labels will adhere to soda cans as well, just make sure the cans are dry and roughly room temperature before attaching the labels. After the soda labels have been applied to the bottles they can be submerged in ice and water or placed in the refrigerator and they will hold up just fine.

Quality Label Material for Soda Labels

Our soda bottle label material is a strong, durable, synthetic material formulated for food and beverage products that are frequently submerged in water or exposed to heat or extreme cold. Don’t worry about the design running or smudging if they get wet, our soda labels are printed using electrostatic ink so the design is literally bonded to the label material and will never wash off.

2 Liter Soda Bottle Labels

We also have labels that fit great on a 2 liter soda bottle. Our 4” x 6” rectangle sticker works perfectly on a 2 liter bottle and makes unique and fun party favors. Create a couple of 4” x 6” large soda labels and apply them to 2 liter bottles and then you don’t need to get several individual soda bottles with custom labels you can just get standard red solo cups for your party.

Cheap and Easy Kids Birthday Party Favors

Personalized soda labels are a no-brainer for kid's parties. Whatever your kid is into, superheroes, dinosaurs, princesses, trucks, cartoons or animals, you can easily make a design to match the party favors at your kids next birthday. In fact we may have a soda label design already in the theme you want. The soda label templates are easily modified by changing names, dates, and possibly adding your child’s photo to the label to make it your own. Browse our large collection of pre-made soda labels and modify them any way you like. Of course, if you are more creative and have your own design you can upload your finished design or build one of your own by starting from scratch.