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Alligator Name Labels

Alligator Name Labels

Bunny in a Basket Shape Name Labels

Bunny in a Basket Shape Name Labels

Soccer Ball Shape Name Labels

2.5" wide by 2.5" tall. Die cut soccer ball shaped name label

Printed on durable, 100% waterproof, high gloss vinyl.

Permanent adhesive that sticks to virtually any surface with an easy peel and stick backing.

Printed and shipped out within 3 business days.

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Product Type Name Label
Shape Custom
Size Variable
Printing Process Digital Press
Label Material Type Vinyl
  • Waterproof and extremely durable
  • Easy to peel & stick anywhere
  • High gloss finish
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Permanent adhesive
  • Photo-quality printing

Tag your kid owns with these soccer ball name labels! They’re ultra-durable, so you can even label her soccer ball! Let her go wild sticking these to everything she owns, particularly items that she takes out with her, like her sports equipment, water bottle, notebook and backpack! It’s a quick and easy way for someone to call in case she leaves it at school or the park.

Each high quality label features:

  • Photo quality printing in pop-off-the-page colors!
  • Scratch resistant, high gloss vinyl that’s waterproof too!
  • Easy peel and stick operation for quick placement!
  • Semi-permanent adhesive creates durable adhesion!

Scope out our Kids’ Stickers category for more designs that you’ll love for your other children! Order a style for each child or teen and increase the chance of someone returning those items that tend not to make their way home with your kiddo. We understand and are happy to help with a great solution!

Name labels aren't just for kids. Our durable, high gloss soccer ball shaped name labels will hold up to the harshest of environments for years making them ideal for a variety of applications. Use them for:

  • Bottle Labels For Daycare
  • Name Labels For Daycare
  • iPad Labels
  • Helmet Labels
  • Water Bottle Labels
  • Bicycle Labels
  • Skateboard Labels
  • Scooter Labels
  • Lunch Box Labels
  • Coat Labels
  • Book Bag Labels
  • Sports Equipment Labels
  • Freezer Labels
  • Tool Labels
  • Storage Bin Labels
  • Laptop Labels
  • Appliance Labels
  • Cooler Labels