Small Bottles Of Water


Small Bottles Of Water


Are you looking for small bottles of water with the option to customize the label? Our eight ounce bottles are a popular size because they are roughly half the size of the 16.9 oz bottles you typically find in your local grocery or convenience store.

A smaller bottle of water is often better for a number of reasons:

    1. It produces less waste. How many times have you been at an event and seen dozens of half empty water bottles laying around? It happens all the time. People are thirsty but not thirsty enough where they need almost 17 oz of water. Using the 8 oz bottle ensures that almost always the water bottle is finished even if you're giving it to little kids.

    3. Next is the cost. Since the bottles are smaller and weigh less the overall cost is less. Each case of 8 ounce bottles 24 weighs in at 16 lbs. Two cases of 8 oz. are packed and shipped together making each box weigh a total of 32 lbs. Which means two cases of 8 oz. bottles (48 total) only weighs in at 2 lbs more than one case of the 16.9 oz. bottle size!

    5. Finally, the overall label size gives you the same surface area to work with. When you're buying personalized bottled water, the size of the label should be a concern for the simple reason you want to make sure you have enough space for your design. Most labels include such things as a logo, photos, text, graphics, etc.. and you don't want to run out of design space. The 8 oz. mini bottle labels have the same surface area as our 16.9 oz bottle label which measures 2.25" H x 6.375" L.  
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Small bottles of water are ideal for kids' birthday parties, corporate meeting room refreshments, card dealerships, waiting rooms, wedding receptions, grand openings, car service companies, and dozens of other events or business functions. Branding the bottles with your custom label turns the bottles into mini traveling billboards, spreading your message and information in a cost effective and efficient manner. Add a coupon, call to action or QR code on the label to entice potential customers and clients to take action.

Our 8 oz. bottles are capped and filled with purified spring water in a bottle measuring 5” tall and 2.25” in diameter. The bottle is clear plastic and recyclable, with a white cap. The labels are made from a 100% fully waterproof, synthetic material that is printed in full color with our HP indigo digital print press and finished with a high gloss laminate.

Eight ounce bottles are packaged two cases per box to save space and packaging material, so each box has 48 bottles inside. If we ship the 8 oz bottles on a pallet, the cases are shrink wrapped and we're able to fit up to 120 cases on a full standard size 48&rdquo ;x 40” pallet.

The minimum order for the small 8 oz. bottle is ten cases which is 240 bottles. If you need larger quantities we offer price discounts for purchasing mini bottles in bulk. Production time is up to two full weeks before the bottles ship out.

Design your own label for small bottles of water right online and we’ll apply your custom designed label to the bottle and ship them right to your location


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