Create One Custom Label For Any of Life's Special Moments

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Sometimes All You Need Is One Custom Label

Stop and think, how many times do you get engaged, retire, turn 30, celebrate a milestone anniversary? Hopefully only once, that's why we've developed a process to allow you to design and order one, yes only one, single custom label. Design and order yours online, it only takes a couple of minutes. Choose from our pre-made designs and edit them to make them yours, or you can design your own completely from scratch and upload photos, logos, add text, add color, or create whatever your heart desires. Once you click the button to place your order we quickly spring into action to print, trim, and carefully package your special label to ship in time for your important event. More often than not your label will ship the next business day, but never later. In many cases we include an extra label in case you make a mistake applying it, and because we love our customers.

Pop the Question

You've carefully picked the right restaurant, venue, or setting to pop the question. Now create a single label to commemorate your engagement. Add your favorite photo, quote, or lyrics to a custom label and order one label. Apply it to a bottle of your favorite wine or other bottled beverage. It's an added memorable touch to show you've put thought into this special moment. Being able to order just one engagement label is ideal because how many people go through a dozen bottles of wine during the course of a private engagement dinner? Maybe you do, we're not judging, we have you covered. Select any quantity labels you need from the drop down menu before you start designing yours.

Congratulate Clients On That New Home

Real estate agents and mortgage brokers be original! Create a custom label for a bottle of wine or Champagne to congratulate your clients on their new home. Take a photo of the home, upload it to a design, add their names and the date, and you're good to go. Slap that label on a nice, or not so nice bottle of wine or Champagne and you have one of the most original thoughtful closing gifts you can give.

Birthdays or Parties

As we get older generally our parties get smaller. Go ahead and create one wine label for that special birthday dinner or a Champagne label for a retirement dinner. Whatever the celebration or occasion the flexibility to order one label gives you the opportunity to make even the smallest event memorable. Another great idea we've seen is to design a few different single custom labels, but make each different to represent a new year, event, milestone, or life stage.

Single Labels For Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

The idea of offering a single custom label actually came from our customers. Brides repeatedly asked us for one label to ask their bridesmaids to be in their wedding. Again, it makes sense because you probably aren't going to drink a dozen bottles of Champagne when you ask someone to be your maid of honor. But again if you do, no judgement here. The same applies for grooms, the standard size wedding party now consists of 6 to 10 groomsmen in a formal wedding. You don't want to have to order several hundred labels and use one of each design to ask your friends to be groomsmen. Create one label with your friend’s name and a favorite photo, rinse and repeat for all your friends in the wedding party.