Make Your Own Canvas Wall Art

Make Your Own Canvas Wall Art

Scan For WiFi Sign

Scan For WiFi Sign

Make Your Own QR Code Sign

Enter any information you like into the QR code

Indoor use only, perfect for hanging inside a business, Airbnb or classroom

Includes mounting kit and comes ready to hang out of the box.

FREE UPS ground shipping on all qr code canvas orders

Mounted on thick 1.5” pine wood frames

Multiple square sizes, 12"x12", 18"x18" & 26"x26"

Produced and shipped within 6 business days from right here in the USA!

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QR codes have become all the rage since Covid-19 hit. Although the popularity has faded a bit you still see them all over because the utility is so diverse. This indoor wall canvas sign has a ton of different uses. Aside from the no-touch aspect of the QR code it's just easier, more efficient and more cost effective to utilize a QR code sign for things.

For example menus. If you use this sign to redirect to your restaurant menu then the url content can be continuously updated as your menu changes eliminating the need for print menus as well as additional contact between your customers when handling a traditional paper menu.

Another use for this QR code sign is to share the WiFi details. This is especially cool if you have an AirBnb property or some other type of rental where you aren't there and you can just direct your renters to scan the sign to jump on the Wifi. Same goes for directions or instructions. Include a map, list of activities or checking/out instructions on your scannable sign.

Scan to pay is another use for QR code signs. Set up a Venmo, PayPal, Zelle or even any type of crypto currency and include your payment details in the QR code. Have a food truck or booth at a farmers market? Hang or set out a QR code sign to give your customers your payment information.

The list goes on for how QR codes can be used. Since you can send people to any url you can use this sign for people to scan to sign into or register for a convention, meeting, class, seminar or conference. Churches could use it for the weekly bulletin or even offering payment. Companies can use it to direct users to download their app. Another idea is to hang this in your business and customers can scan it to get your vCard which can include your email, phone number and services or products offered. 

How We Make Our QR Code Canvas Signs

We start with the frame. We have three square frame options 12"x12", 18"x18" or 26"x26" all of which are 1.5” deep and made from sturdy American pinewood. We make the frames for the QR code signs 1.5” in depth for a few reasons:

  1. At 1.5” depth it’s sturdier and can be set on a table or display without falling over. If we were to use a frame that’s .75” like we do for some of our regular canvas wall art that’s hung on walls then it’s not as stable for those of you that don’t want to hang this sign. 
  2. Durable. 1.5” is more durable and lasts longer if you aren’t going to hang this where it won’t constantly be touched and moved around. 
  3. Quality Look. 1.5” in depth gives the sign a more professional look and small touches like that make your product, service or establishment look better as well. Small things add up to big things. 

Production time for our QR Code Canvas Signs

Depending upon the time of the year (holidays being the wild card) production takes us 3 to 6 business days after you approve the QR code. So once you order, look for our email within 24 hours, but often within a few hours so you can verify the code is correct and we can get started on your sign right away.