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Product Quality: A Commitment To Excellence

quality hand crafted custom labels

TESLIN: Unique, Durable & Amazingly Printable

  • Scratchproof - printed text and graphics cannot be scratched or rubbed off the surface of Teslin substrate without destroying the material itself.
  • Waterproof - polyolefin is hydrophobic, which causes Teslin substrate to easily repel water.
  • Simply Beautiful - exceptional color, graphic and print reproduction.
  • Versatile - prints like pulp paper while providing all the performance benefits of a synthetic.

HP Indigo: A Commitment To Print Quality

  • Flexible - from as few as 10 to millions of labels.
  • Efficient - exceedingly high-quality printing with short run print production.
  • Fast - super quick printing speeds print your order fast!
  • Accurate - at resoluton over 300 DPI, text is crisp and images are HD vivid.


We're here to help. As a family business we take pride in helping our customers and fostering relationships. Need help? Give us a call, shoot us an email, or live chat with us. We'll answer your questions and get whatever you need done.


We use only the top of the line materials to craft our labels, stickers and bottled water. If you have ordered from us you know the pride we take in our products. If you're curious to check us out, email us and we'll send you some samples so you can see for yourself.


Small orders are our focus. We know you don't need pallets of water or thousands of stickers; you're looking to add a custom touch to that baby shower with fifteen people. We understand and we've got you covered. For most products you can order ten or less.