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Product Packaging Labels

Multiple Sizes and Shapes To Accommodate Any Type of Product Packaging

Our labels are uniquely versatile. We have a variety of shapes and sizes that have unlimited uses for packaging or branding products, which has come to be one of the more popular uses for our labels. Whether you run a small business that packages food cartons, a fortune 500 company that brands limited edition products or Grandma making a few jars of homemade jam we have the labels for you.

circle product labels

Circle Shaped Product Labels

Printed 24 to a sheet, circle stickers are great for any product labeling application from trade show folders, to food jars and containers, to takeout boxes, or even for instructional pieces that you affix to a package. Waterproof, full color, and extremely durable our circles stickers come in 2” and 2.5” diameter sizes. Circle stickers are printed within 48 hours and shipped immediately to anywhere in the world.
rectangle product labels

Rectangle Shaped Product Labels

Our rectangle labels come in four sizes and are popular with juice bars, small wineries, and breweries selling growlers. Brand your product bags, gable boxes, bottles and more with full color rectangle product labels. Available in minimums as low as ten, quickly printed in full-color with a matte coated finish, our rectangle stickers are extremely durable. In case you’re concerned about condensation or temperature affecting the labels, don't worry, they’ll hold up under cold, damp or warm conditions. Just make sure when you apply the labels the container is dry and roughly room temperature, after that they’re good to go.
square product labels

Square Shaped Product Labels

Square shaped, full color product labels are the classic versatile packaging label with the ability to be used on anything. Our 3” x 3” inch size is by far the most popular square used for everything from packaged goods, such as bath and beauty products, to beer and wine labels. Add your logo, pictures or text and create a packaging label that’s unique to your product.
oval shaped product labels

Oval Shaped Product Labels

Oval shaped product labels come in a standard size of 2.25” x 3.5”. Oval shaped stickers are very popular for product boxes as well as larger food jars. Sixteen is the minimum order for oval product labels making it ideal for small batch wines, gift boxes or trade show handouts. The oval shape is also a popular label shape for the body (not the lid) of Ball canning jars.

Product Packaging Labels Available in Small Amounts

All of our labels are printed on sheets with a permanent adhesive on the back that will adhere to almost any surface, paper, plastic, glass, etc. We do recommend you make sure the surface you are adhering the label to is dry and preferably room temperature in order to get the best adhesion. After the labels are affixed to your packaging feel free to expose them to temperature extremes or moisture and they will hold up no problem.

Affordable product packaging labels make your goods stand out and project a polished, quality look to your product. Don’t settle for cheap do it yourself paper labels printed on your home inkjet printer. If you took the time and creativity to create a quality product, then take the time and extra expense to brand it with a quality label. All of our packaging labels and stickers are printed on a luxe quality synthetic material that is genetically designed to bond with the electrostatic ink which our high end digital press uses. The results are bright, crisp, full colored packaging labels of which you can be proud that will leave your consumers with a strong brand image.

If you need assistance with your design, help cleaning up your brand logo, determine your image resolution, or anything related to text layout please let us know. For a small, one-time setup charge we can assist you in creating the perfect product packaging labels. Our website gives you the full flexibility to upload the design you created from a third party software or you can make a design of your own from scratch. While our design tool is built in HTML5 giving you the ability to work on your smartphone or tablet, it’s recommended that you use a laptop or desktop to design your packaging labels, only because a larger screen allows for better viewing of the design detail and it makes it easier to work with the online design tools.

To give you an idea of the versatility of our labels and their uses in product packaging here is a short list of items that can and have been labeled using our label sizes discussed above:

Tea Labels, Soap & Shampoo Labels, Lip Balm Labels, Candle Labels, Box Labels, Bag Labels, Takeout Box Labels, Food Carton Labels, Cupcake Labels, Food Wrap Labels, Lotion Bottle Labels, Bath Salts Labels, Jar & Canning Labels, Container Labels, Can Labels, Cellophane Bag Labels, Cookie Bag Labels, Coffee Sleeve Labels, Folder Labels