Personalized Gag Gifts

funny wine and beer labels for parties

Make Your Own Personalized Gag Gifts:

Dads birthday coming up? Do you have a friend turning a milestone age? What about a white elephant party next week? Whatever the occasion we make it easy for you to create your own funny labels you can use to create personalized gag gifts. Let's face it most events that would call for a gag gift involve alcohol so get started and create funny labels for:

Funny Labels Will Leave Them Howling With Laughter

Is someone you know an old fart? A bit crazy or on the weird side? Want to make them laugh or tick them off? Make a personalized label for any situation or occasion.

Birthdays are obviously a popular time for gag gifts and we see a thousand and one funny beer labels about dads, uncles, cousins and husbands. But aside from birthdays, a good gag gift can be applied to a variety of celebrations including retirement parties for example. Retirees are a popular target for a spoofing. Just add their photo to a label and insert any corny retirement line you’ve ever heard, “Bill’s retired - goodbye tension, hello pension!” etc..etc. Just Google “retirement jokes” or “retirement sayings,” there’s a million out there and any could be used to create a funny retirement label.

Gag gifts are perfect for birthday parties. Is someone turning 21, 30, 40 or the big 50? There’s a funny label design for every milestone age. Browse our wine or beer label designs and add a photo of the birthday girl or boy, preferably an unflattering or embarrassing one, especially if this is a gag gift. Birthdays are more fun with a little humor so creating a funny birthday label on a six pack of beer or some wine bottles is a unique gift that will add humor to any birthday celebration.

Be Crude, Funny or Gross

Your gag gift labels can be R-rated minus anything pornographic. We reserve the right to refuse any order we deem inappropriate, however, having said that, we’ve been doing this for over a decade and have only had to decline maybe 3 or 4 orders. Most people have a good sense of humor when it comes to creating funny labels for their friends and family, and usually know not to overstep boundaries.

Labels can even be on the mean side. However, if you create something and give it to a friend or family member and they get mad, don’t blame us, we just print them. Try to keep people's feelings in mind before you upload that picture of your sister on her 21st birthday with her head in a toilet.

Funny Labels Make Great White Elephant Gifts

Personalize wine or beer bottles you bring to your white elephant party. You have the ability to create just one label design, so make a handful of labels and personalize each one to give to people attending the party. We’ve seen some unique designs for white elephant parties, so if you’re going to make the top ten list, you’ve gotta get creative. Group photos of previous year’s white elephant parties are creative as well as popular. We've even seen people create white elephant wine labels that included photos of friends in not so flattering moments and calling them out in times they'd probably rather forget.

Your mission now is to go online and get the party started by making your own custom gag gift label.