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Personalizing a party makes it more fun and memorable. Stickers and labels made especially for your party are an inexpensive way to make any event worth celebrating. All of our party favor labels are printed using a commercial digital print press on synthetic, waterproof material. Since they are 100% waterproof, you’ll be able to submerge your personalized beer bottles or water bottles in ice and water for hours and know the labels won’t peel off nor will the custom design run, fade, or disintegrate.

The first step in creating a low cost party favor is choosing what product you’re going to personalize. From there you can browse to look for designs you’d like to modify to make your own. If you prefer, start from scratch and design your own label. Our online design tool will allow you to be as creative as you want. You simply change the name on a pre designed label or upload a high resolution file you created in Photoshop or another graphics program. Any way you make your party favor labels, the design possibilities are virtually endless.

Spend Less On Your Party Favors

All of our labels start at $0.99 or less, and where we really shine is we offer you the ability to design a very small quantity of labels. In some cases, such as wine and beer labels, you can order just one custom label! That gives you a great amount of flexibility, especially if you need to create a variety of different designs for your labels. This is beneficial to you and your budget if your party guest list is a small one.

We’ve been cranking out party favor labels for over 15 years now and we’re here to serve you. Yes, you the average person that wants a few dozen or less labels, not some large corporation or organization that is hosting thousands of people, can wow your guests with custom favors. We make the process simple and the order minimums low so you get exactly the party favors you need.

Order Today and Your Party Favors Will Ship Within Two Business Days

We print and ship all of our custom party favor labels with 48 hours (business days) so even with ground shipping you can expect to see your labels within 5 to 7 days after the day you place your order. If you need any help, have questions, or just want to bounce your party favor idea off us, email us at info at or live chat with us 9 am to 3 pm PST, Monday through Friday.