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  • Custom Waterproof Name Labels & Daycare Labels are durable, dishwasher safe, self-adhesive and easy to apply.
  • Name labels are printed on thick vinyl material with a high gloss finish and permanent adhesive.
  • School & Daycare Name Labels come in a standard rectangle shape that's 3" wide by 1" high or in a variety of die cut shapes.
  • Personalized cute name labels are a fun way to customize your kid's food containers, clothes, bottles, bags, & more.
  • Name label orders ship within three business days. Design and order online.

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  1. Basketball Team Name Labels Sheet
  2. Monkey Business Shape Name Labels
  3. Bunny in a Basket Shape Name Labels
  4. Soccer Ball Shape Name Labels
  5. Alligator Name Labels
  6. Rubber Ducky Shape Name Labels
  7. Unicorn Shape Personalized Kids Labels
  8. Brown Bear Shape Name Labels
  9. Dolphin Shape Name Labels
  10. Bear Shape Name Labels
  11. Bumble Bee Shape Name Labels
  12. Jet Airliner Name Labels
  13. Ballerina Bear Name Labels
  14. Robot Man Name Labels
  15. White Bunny Name Labels
  16. Monsters Name Labels
  17. Camouflage Name Labels
  18. Outer Space Name Labels
  19. Horsey Friend Name Labels
  20. Snow Seal Name Labels
  21. Sea Turtle Name Labels
  22. Noahs Ark Name Labels
  23. Dolphin Name Labels
  24. Artist Name Labels
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66 items

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Create Your Own Daycare Labels

Use our pre made designs or start from scratch and make your own. Our name labels are printed on super duper durable vinyl material that is fully waterproof, scratch resistant and coated with a high gloss finish. Label your kids school supplies, daycare toys or clothes, iPads, laptops, toys, sports equipment and more. Since we use a permanent adhesive on the back of our vinyl name labels you can be confident that whatever you stick them on they will stay stuck. Just make sure before you apply your daycare labels the surface of whatever you are sticking them too is dry, after that they can get wet or even submerged and they won’t disintegrate or fall off.

Die Cut Custom Name Labels

We've got name labels in all sorts of shapes. You want an alligator, rocket ship, cat or elephant shape? We've got them. We can die cut pretty much any shape you like so our name labels are super unique and creative compared to the other guys just printing on a boring old rectangle. But if you want a boring old rectangle shaped name label we have those too.

If you have a unique shaped graphic or photo you'd like to turn into a name label chances are we can accommodate that. Email us or live chat with us and we're happy to help come up with a custom shaped name label unique to you!

Kids Name Labels For HydroFlask, Contigo or Camelbak Water Bottles

If your kids are like mine then you are constantly losing water bottles at basketball, soccer or baseball practice. Our name labels are the perfect solution to label your kids reusable water bottles with their name and a phone number. Since the vinyl we print on has a permanent adhesive and is extremely durable you can put their water bottles in the dishwasher and not worry about the name labels coming off. However you shouldn't do that. I believe most reusable kids bottles should be washed by hand. Either way our labels hold up to a good hand or dish washing.