Multiple Versions Of The Same Label Design

a label design for each friend






A Label Design For Each Friend

So many friends require so many label versions. Are you asking your friends to be bridesmaids or groomsmen? Are you having a birthday party and want to show different photos of the birthday boy or girl throughout the years without buying dozens of the same version of each label?

We offer you the ability to order multiple versions of the same label in low, low quantities. For some products you can order just one label!. So if you see a design and you want it in multiple colors or with multiple photos or logos, you have the ability to create the design and order different versions of it without ending up with hundreds and hundreds of labels or stickers.





One Label For Each Bridesmaid or Groomsman

This comes in especially handy if you are creating custom labels to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids. You probably don’t need 10 or more bottles of each girl’s name, or maybe you do. The point is you can create and order just one wine label for each of your bridesmaids. Same goes for the groomsmen, you can order multiple versions of a beer label with different pictures and names on the label, but then order just one of each version.

So dig out the old yearbook photos or look through your Facebook timeline and grab some photos of your friends from back in the day to use to make your labels. Their reaction will be priceless and it will make whatever your event is all the more special.

In fact, we have a Facebook and Instagram feature integrated into our design online tool where you can log into your social media accounts and add photos directly into the design tool to make your label design. It makes creating memorable labels easy whether they are water, beer, wine, or champagne labels.

create a label design with multiple colors



Variable Data Printing

That’s really what this is called, ‘variable data printing.’ It’s a form of printing that allows you to change elements of a design such as text, graphics, or images from one piece to the next. If you really want to learn more Google variable data printing and check out the Wikipedia article. It’s really helpful if you’re having trouble sleeping. Basically, all you need to know is you can print a small amount of labels and each one (label/sticker/page) can have different information on it.



How To Create Multiple Versions Of The Same Label


how to create versions of labels






  1. Make sure you’re logged into your account. You can do it without being logged in, but this will make it way easier.

  2. Find the design you want and create the first version. While you’re still in the design tool click "Save" at the top right corner.

  3. Design your second label and click "Save" again. Repeat this step for as many designs you like. Every time you click save it creates a new design in your account.

  4. Go into your account by clicking "Account" at the top of the website. Then go to the "My Saved Designs" section. Here you will see all the versions of the label you designed. Now you can add them to the cart to purchase them or edit them as you like. That's it!