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Milestone Birthday Party Labels

milestone birthday labels

Milestone birthdays call for big celebrations. At 16 you can drive, at 18 you can play the lotto, at 21 you can drink (legally), at 25 your insurance goes down and let’s face it after that it’s pretty much over. But that’s not to say you can’t have a good 30, 40, 50 or 60th birthday party celebration. Commemorate the occasion with personalized drink labels for any age birthday party!


Ideas For Milestone Birthday Parties

Wine and beer labels are a favorite choice for milestone birthday celebrations. Most of them are humorous and include a picture of the birthday boy or girl. Some are embarrassing, but most are in good fun. To celebrate a milestone age 21st birthday party beer labels are probably the most popular item with men and 30th birthday party wine labels are most popular with women. Regardless, since you have the ability to modify and design the labels any way you want the content and design of the label can be anything.

Often, for milestone birthday parties, customers will create a set of matching or coordinating labels such as designs for wine, beer, and water bottle labels. That makes sense for a birthday party because not all guests want to drink only beer or only wine, so a mix of branded beverages with the birthday girl’s or boy’s personalized labels is a good idea. In fact many of the designs we offer on Bottle Your Brand are created in sets so it’s likely if you find a milestone wine label you like there’s a matching water bottle label, mini wine label, or even circle sticker favor label to match. If you find a design you love and don’t see it’s matching counterparts for another product let us know and there’s a good chance we can create one quickly for you to order at no additional cost.

Milestone birthday parties often involve a little bit of humor, (or a lot bit depending upon the group), aimed at either someone’s age or, if they are on the young side, recent ridiculous antics. Let’s just say on birthday labels we see a lot of “over the hill” and “remember when you did this?” photos, as well as pictures of people in some not so flattering situations. Go ahead and make your milestone birthday labels funny, embarrassing, rude, or just nice and normal, just don’t put anything on the labels that is illegal and no pornography. You guys can figure it out you’re big boys and girls. Everything else is fair game. So search back a ways on Facebook to find those embarrassing college photos of the person who’s about to turn 40. We won’t judge.

Milestone Birthday Designs

Milestone birthday party beer, wine, and water bottle labels are printed on a special synthetic material so they are 100% colorfast and waterproof. If your birthday party is being hosted outdoors the labels can be put in a cooler with ice and water, and they’ll stand up just fine. We recommend you apply your labels when the bottles are dry, and preferably cool in order to get the best adhesion. After they are applied to the bottles they are extremely durable and will last submerged underwater or in the refrigerator.

We have a large catalog of designs for milestone parties among other things. Simply browse our designs and choose one you like. If it isn’t specifically for a birthday don’t worry, you can customize the design to make it look however you like. You can even add photos of the birthday boy or girl by simply using the “Add Image” button in our online design tool. If you don’t find a design you want you can simply create a design from scratch. In fact many of the designs we see for birthdays are made from scratch. It’s easy to add a background color, upload a photo and add a few lines of text. That’s it, that’s all you need for a funny or memorable milestone party label.

Label Designs For Any Age

21st Birthday party beer labels. Is your friend the one who always over indulges? Create the perfect label for their 21st to commemorate this big birthday occasion. Slap the labels on their favorite case (or six pack if you’re into moderation), of cheap light beer and party on. Twenty-first birthday beer labels come in a variety of designs and are printed and shipped within 48 hours.

30th Birthday wine labels. So now they’re grown up a bit, I mean 30 is an adult. They should celebrate like one! Create some custom birthday wine labels with the birthday boy’s or girl’s picture, birth date and maybe a nice quote or saying. Order one label or a few dozen depending upon the size of the party and how depressed the person is who is turning 30.

40th, 50th 60th birthdays milestone birthday celebration labels. You’re never too old for a good birthday party, so whatever the age or drink of choice is, we’ve got the custom label designs ready to modify and order.

Alcohol free birthday parties. For those of you who don’t partake in alcoholic beverages, we’ve got you covered too. Milestone birthday water bottle labels are created and ordered just as easy as the beer and wine labels. We’ve got two sizes that fit everything from Costco Kirkland Signature water bottles to Deer Park water bottles which are found on the east coast. Use our handy water bottle label size guide to check for the size you need and then get creative with making birthday water bottle label designs.

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