Make Your Own Wine Labels With A Photo

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Photo Wine Labels


The Cheap Party Favor You've Been Looking For

Celebrate the special people and the special moments in your life by creating a custom photo wine label. Easily upload and apply a photo to thousands of our pre made templates for birthdays, weddings, retirements, celebrations, baby showers, and more.

Photo wine labels are available in multiple sizes for mini wine bottles, standard, or large magnum style bottles, whatever size the bottle we have a label size you can add a photo to to make a party favor keepsake that will commemorate your special occasion.

design custom wine labels with a photo


Birthday Photo Wine Labels


Birthdays are one of the more popular occasions for making a wine label and adding a photo to the design makes it extremely personal and special. Whether it’s a funny, embarrassing, or good photo of the birthday girl or boy you can easily upload that photo, crop it and place it perfectly on a wine label template. Our wine label material is a synthetic material, meaning it’s not paper, so it’s 100% waterproof which is important if you are planning to keep your wine bottles chilled for the party. Go ahead and throw the white wine in a cooler or fridge and know the labels will hold up indefinitely under conditions like cold, condensation, or even when submerged in water.



Holiday Photo Wine Labels


Christmas wine labels are a big hit. In recent years, adding a family holiday photo and giving out a bottle of wine has become somewhat of a popular tradition. As the tradition has grown, so has our selection of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holiday photo wine label templates. We have hundreds of holiday wine label designs to add your photo to and order as little as one! Give it a try, instead of holiday cards this year give out personalized holiday wine. Valentine”s Day has also become a rather popular holiday for personalized wine labels. With the ability to order just one label, create that special personal gift for your loved one for your next romantic Valentine’s dinner.



Wedding Photo Wine Labels


Wedding favors can get really expensive, really quickly, so why not utilize the wine bottles as a favor and save time and money? Add your engagement photos, photos of your wedding party, old photos of dates, and special times in your lives while you were dating to create some of the most engaging wedding favors ever. We’ve seen an amazing amount of creativity with the wedding wine label designs that have come through over the years and our catalog of wedding photo wine labels has grown because of that inspiration.

We offer three sizes of wedding photo wine labels to choose from, so if you want to do mini wine bottles as favors simply design a 3” w x 2” h mini wedding wine label and apply them to the 187 ml bottles of wine. Alternatively, we have standard size labels for the 750 ml bottles of wine, or large wine labels as we call them, that are 4” w x 6” h to fit either standard or magnum size bottles.



Party Favors With Your Photo


Adding photos to your party favors make your event all that much more unique. Create a variety of wine labels if you want to have different types of labels for your event. One customer created twenty-one labels for their child’s 21s birthday party; one picture for each year of their life. That was one of the more creative uses for photo wine labels that we’ve seen through our 15 plus years of printing wine labels.

Give your guests a little snapshot into your life and the fun events that have been important to you. Use your photos from social media such as Facebook or Instagram to add to your wine labels. In our online design tool we have both of these platforms integrated so it’s easy to add your Facebook or Instagram photos to your design from right within the design tool. It only takes a minute or two and you’ve created a personalized photo wine label that is low cost, extraordinary and will leave a lasting memory on your guests for years to come.