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Laptop Stickers | Order 1 for $3.99! | Printed by Small Business

Unique, Fun & Motivational

Laptop Stickers!

  • Custom die cut stickers: Are printed on thick vinyl with a high gloss finish and permanent adhesive.
  • These stickers have a 3 to 4 year outdoor lifespan when exposed to the direct elements. Please note, we don't recommend you putting them on your laptop and then putting your laptop outside.
  • Browse our eclectic catalog of sticker designs below. If you don't see anything you like and you have artwork we'll print it. Start here!
  • These make perfect car stickers, laptop stickers, helmet stickers, hydro flask stickers, skateboard stickers and more!
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  1. Alien Sticker
  2. Love Travel
    Love Travel
    3.5" x 4" Custom
  3. Yes You Can
    Yes You Can
    3" x 3" Custom
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The Boring Details About Our Laptop Stickers

We print these using a thick 7ml crazy durable vinyl material with a high gloss finish. The adhesive under the protective backing is permeant so once you stick these they are stuck! They will hold up outside in the elements, under water, in the freezer, you name it. Again these stickers are very durable and they are perfect for applying to items that receive heavy wear. In fact they are overkill for laptops unless you treat your laptop like you would a reusable water bottle, helmet or power tool.

What To Do With These Stickers

We used this material originally for car and bumper stickers because it held up so well outdoors (for years) without fading, pealing or cracking. Over time though we got requests for stickers for laptops, water bottles, bags and other everyday items that didn’t receive as much exposure to the elements as a car does but still receive a heavy amount of wear. Rather than try to figure out a new material it was a no brainer to use this material for various other applications such as laptop stickers.

Because we have the ability to die cut/kiss cut these with a counter cutter we can create virtually any shape you like, hence the crazy creative designs you see above. If you have something you’d like printed in sticker form that’s an odd shape start here and we’ll turn it into a sticker asap.

We’re digressing, the applications for this sticker material is endless. Use it for name labels, bag or luggage tags, water bottles, iPads, laptops, phone case stickers, hard hat helmets, beer growler labels, bikes, scooters, kids toys, coolers, bluetooth speaker labels, outdoor furniture, sports equipment, coats, tools, this list goes on and on.

More Boring Information about Laptop Stickers.

A few things to remember if you do submit your own artwork. We’ll bullet point this because everyone likes easy to read bullet points:

  1. Resolution. We need an image that is 300dpi or higher to get a nice clean, crisp image. If it’s lower than 300 check with us and it’s possible we can scale it down or clean it up for you. Email us at and we’re happy to help.
  2. Cutpath. If don’t have a cut path traced around your artwork we won’t know how you want your sticker shaped. A cut path is basically just a couple pixel line traced around your design. That said if you upload something without a cut path we’ll help but it will slow up the production time by a day or so because we’ll have to create it for you and email you a proof for your approval.
  3. Production time. We don’t have your stickers sitting in a massive warehouse waiting for you to order, we need to produce this stickers for you and that takes time. We need 3 to 4 days to get them printed, cut and shipped out so please account for that along with shipping time. Often times we are quicker but plan for the 3 to 4 days, more if you need a proof like we mentioned from point 2 above.

If You’ve Read This Far…

Thanks, nobody reads anymore they just gloss over things and miss important instructions. We realize printing stickers is not exactly the most exciting nor high tech thing to do but there are guidelines to follow to get the highest possible quality product delivered to you.

We’re a small family owned business so we appreciate your order and supporting us. Cheers!