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Labels for Summer Barbeques

Summer is just around the corner, and so is the season of barbequing! Whether you are planning the ultimate barbeque for the Fourth of July, or are planning a backyard birthday party, custom labels are a great, creative way to set the party apart from other barbecues.

How Custom Labels Can Be Used at a Summertime Party

There are lots of fun ways you can use custom labels to make your summertime party extra personal, creative and fun! You can use custom labels to highlight the Holiday, or the guest of honor, or even to just go with the color theme.

Ways to use custom labels at your next summertime party:

  1.       Use cute custom labels on water bottles or kids juice boxes to highlight your son or daughter’s summertime birthday! You can put their name, age or even a cute picture of their face!
  2.       Create custom beer or wine bottles for your next backyard pool party. How fun would it be to reach in a cooler at a party and pull out a Corona or White Claw with a custom label that highlights the guest of honor or the reason for the celebration. You can use the same color scheme to match the theme of the party and really wow your guests.
  3.       Put fun custom labels on condiments such as ketchup and mustard bottles and make it a fun talking piece as people dress up their hot dogs and burgers!
  4.       Add custom labels on sunscreen bottles and other items around the pool to add a fun little flare to the party.
  5.       Use custom labels on plastic cups and fill them with little treats to give away as party favors. This is a super affordable way to create personalized treat boxes for the guests to take home.
  6.       Create the ultimate ice cream shop by creating custom labels and putting them on ice cream cups. This can be a cute addition to a child’s birthday party and can make them feel like they have their own little ice cream shop in the backyard!
  7.       Add cute custom labels to mason jars and use them as vases or candle holders on the tabletops. These can create cute, affordable, and personal centerpieces at your next summer event.
  8.       Grab a bunch of frisbees or bubbles at the dollar store and use custom labels to personalize them for your next summertime bash!

Custom labels are an inexpensive way to add to any summertime event. You can choose from various shapes and sizes so they can fit on any bottle or giveaway item. You can use different fonts, colors and even add pictures to make them extra special.

Types of Summertime Events that Can Use a Little Personalization

Every event needs a little personal touch if you ask me! If you are planning a summertime event, you may consider using custom labels for a personal touch. Some of the best summertime events include:

  • Backyard barbeques
  • Fourth of July pool parties
  • Outdoor birthday parties (for all ages!)
  • Engagement parties
  • Girls’ wine nights
  • Backyard weddings
  • Family reunions

No matter what you are celebrating, adding a personal touch is always a good idea!