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Create Your Own Homebrew Labels


Home brewers of the world rejoice! We’re here to help you, the everyday man or woman, who is in need of labels for their small (or large) batches of homebrew bottles.

We’ve got it all; hundreds of pre made designs you can use, multiple shapes and label sizes in low minimum quantities, along with a fast print time of two business days or less, and a satisfaction guarantee that can’t be beat. You can even write on our labels, note the bottling date, batch, and type of home brew on the labels with a permanent marker.

You see, here at Bottle Your Brand, we value the everyday customer. We welcome those of you who are ordering even as few as six labels. It’s our goal to exceed your expectations and make you a repeat customer for life.

We aren’t some huge corporation or even a division of one. We’re a family run company started in 2003 out of Grandma’s basement (true story), and we’re here to serve you. If you aren’t happy with your order chat with us online or give us a call. We’ll figure out a solution to make your labels perfect and make sure you’re happy. But enough about us.

Types of Homebrew Labels

We offer several standard label size options for home brew and if those don’t work, we have other sizes you can choose from as well, by going to the Make Your Own drop down menu above and to the right on every page.

custom beer labels for homebrewers






Standard Size Beer Labels

Our beer labels are 3.5” wide by 4” tall, digitally printed in full color on a strong synthetic material that is 100% waterproof. We’ve found this size fits most standard size 12 oz. beer bottles used for home brewing. They even work well on 12 oz. beer cans.


homebrewer labels







Growler Size Beer Labels

We have multiple label sizes for growler bottles: 6" wide by 4" tall, 5" by 5", or a 4" x 4". All sizes are printed on the same material as the standard size beer label and also have an easy crack and peel backing, making applying your labels a breeze.

homebrewer growler labels

create growler beer label


custom bottle neck labels for homebrewers






Bottle Neck Labels

Versatile and unique, our bottle neck labels can be used on any size bottle neck. They come 3.5" wide by 1.5" tall and are printed 24 on a sheet. Design your neck labels to compliment the main label and create a professional look for your homebrew bottles.


neck labels for beer bottles







Oval Shaped Beer Labels

Our oval shaped beer labels are 2.25" wide by 3.5" high and can be set up in portrait or landscape orientation based upon what type of layout you need. People will do a double-take of your homebrew when you offer beer bottles with your own oval-shaped custom label. Pair it with a matching neck label to take first place in your next homebrewers competition.

oval shaped beer labels

create your own oval shaped beer label


Ideas & Inspiration for Your Next Batch of Homebrew Labels

examples of beer labels


beer label designs


Designing Your Own Label Offline

For more sophisticated homebrewers looking to create a design using a graphics program such as Photoshop or Illustrator, that's great! Go ahead and design away until you’re satisfied with your creation. Keep in mind to add a .125 bleed around all the edges of your file so we have the necessary area to trim your labels and finish them properly. So for example, if you’re creating a standard size beer label that’s 4" wide by 3.5" high, your file would need to be 4.25" wide by 3.75" high. Once you’re done creating your artwork, save your design as a .jpg, or .pdf file in 300dpi. When you go into the homebrew design online tool you'll see you can upload your image and place your order online. If you need any help, email us or live chat with us using the box at the bottom left corner of your screen between the hours of 9 am to 3 pm PST. Cheers!